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  1. I love the period of Star Wars that wasn’t governed by style guides and corporate oversight. These issues certainly fall within that timeframe. I hadn’t read this issue in years so I had to stop your podcast, dig out my treasury editions, read them, then go back to your podcast. I still have my Battlestar Galactica treasury from my childhood so I got it out, too. Reading them back-to-back did indeed bring me some joy. Looking forward to that BSG episode mentioned in this SW episode.

  2. Fun podcast! I didn’t have the treasury edition of this, but I do have the six individual issues so I was able to recall 99.8% of what you guys talked about.

    The “extra” scenes of Biggs talking to Luke on Tattooine and Luke meeting up with Biggs on Yavin were also in the novel adaptation of the movie by Alan Dean Foster, and stills from those scenes were in the movie storybook for kids. Surprised you guys didn’t mention those scenes were cut from the original print of the film but added back in for the Special Editions in the late 1990s.

    Red squadron/blue squadron: so it was originally blue and that’s the version that made it into the comics and the novel. But it was changed in post production bc they realized blue screen effects wouldn’t work with X-wing models that sported blue stripes on them. So they were changed to red.

    The off-model version of Jabba that we see in the comic is not something Marvel made up, he’s actually a background alien from the Mos Eisley scenes. Check him out here:
    Not sure why the mixup happened, that alien was never intended to be Jabba.

    English writing in the Star Wars universe: the tractor beam controls that Ben Kenobi turns off originally had English words on them. At some point Lucasfilm altered it. Close up scenes so easy to change.

    I have the entire set of Marvel Star Wars issues 1-107. My wheelhouse is probably issues 60-107. Love them. In some cases they did a better job with EU stuff than the novels did. Some great original characters like Kiro, Dani, Rik Duel, Valance the Hunter, Den Siva, Lumiya, Knife, and Bey. If you guys ever do a podcast on these comics, count me in as a guest! 🙂

    My experience with Treasury editions is very limited! My earliest experience with the Avengers was a treasury edition some friends of our family had. It had Thomas/Buscema classics like the first appearance of Vision, the Lady Liberators vs the Masters of Evil, and the wedding of Wasp and Yellowjacket. I think my collecting heyday was just a little too late to see the treasuries very much.

  3. Hey Guys,
    Really enjoyed Treasury Cast #80. Even though I was alive and kicking in 1977 I never bought the Treasury Editions. I didn’t know they existed till many years later. I was content with my Saturday morning cartoons (that’s right I said mine) and the primetime superhero shows on TV at that time. OK about Star Wars. You were talking about Biggs and Luke’s other friends on Tatoonie that were cut out of the film but appeared in the books. Biggs was played by Canadian actor Garrick Hagon working in England. He appeared in a Jon Pertwee Doctor Who serial right before Star Wars. You can also find him in the documentary Elstree 1976 where many extras, secondary and masked actors were interviewed about their time working on A New Hope, Superman and Raiders of the Lost Ark. Just my two cents, Now I need to listen to the rest of the shows on the fire and water podcast network so I know everything about everything like you guys.


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