The Death-Defying Human FlyCast — Keepin’ It Real #1!

In this special episode of The Death-Defying Human FlyCast, it's all about you, the listener! Join your host Max Romero as he dives into the Keepin' It Real mailbag, featuring listener comments from the first five episodes of the Human FlyCast!

Extra special thanks to Anj, who gave the feedback episodes its name!

Let’s get wild!

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Opening theme: “Human Fly” by The Cramps

Other music:
"Send Me a Postcard" by Bob Mould
"Dear Hip-Hop" by GNL Zamba
"Death Letter Blues" by Son House

Closing music: ""Strawberry Letter #23" by The Brothers Johnson

Dialogue from: "The Cheap Detective," "Corvette Summer," and "AOL Mail Alert"

"The New Adventures of The Human Fly" by Michael Aushenker on Amazon!


4 responses to “The Death-Defying Human FlyCast — Keepin’ It Real #1!

  1. I was totally NOT taking a shot at you Max. I think my gag was just referring to the number of things the Human Fly could jump, hence mentioning the 19 issues.

    I would never take a cheap shot at my fellow F&W brethern like that…except for Shag.


  2. Max, I love when you network all-stars cover the feedback. Even if I’ve already read it all, it’s fun to hear our audience comments read “on-air,” and it’s even better to hear the hosts’ reactions and responses. Thanks for streamlining my comments into coherency, since they’re sometimes rushed and garbled. You read what I meant to say, which was better than what I said.

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