The Power Records Podcast 16 – Wonder Woman!


Rob and Chris are back with a new episode of THE POWER RECORDS PODCAST, discussing three audio adventures starring the Amazing Amazon--"The Secret of the Magic Tiara", "Wonder Woman vs. The War God", and "Amazons From Space." Plus your Listener Feedback!

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Opening and closing themes courtesy Peter Pan Records.

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32 responses to “The Power Records Podcast 16 – Wonder Woman!

  1. Great Hera, did I love this episode!
    And yes, hubba hubba! That artwork is stunning!

    Chris mentioned continuity studios licensing some DC books — yes to the art part of it, but a resounding NO to them handling the scripting duties. Have you not read Redeemers or Megalith or Crazy Man???

    Great job, fellas. Who knew Paradise Island had Southern Belles?

    1. Yeah I agree, I think they would have had to commission real writers to do the scripting. Still, what would those books have looked like?!?

          1. I didn’t say there weren’t some gems. Skateman couldn’t maintain its level of quality on a monthly basis. The world wasn’t ready for it.

  2. Gotta say, the first story, “The Secret of the Magic Tiara”, threaded the needle extremely closely to being irredeemable, and not in the good Shag sort-of way. When Wonder Woman told Sandra she was in love with Mitch, I audibly groaned. I hoped the end of the story would reveal this to be a lie, but being from the ’70s, I had no confidence that would be the case. Luckily, the story worked itself out and stayed just on this side of the line to be a lot of fun.

    Good episode as always, guys!

    1. The 70s were such a weird time, where the story really could have gone either way. Luckily Peter Pan had at least a couple women on staff…

      1. We’ve got Bradley Cooper on tap to play Shag in the F&W movie. We’re looking at Viola Davis for Ryan.

          1. She just called us back. “Am I supposed to smirk through the whole thing?”

            “Yes, but you also get to sigh a lot and stress every other word.”

  3. Great episode as always.

    Like others, I was a bit dis,ayes as the tiara story unfolded. First when she talked about the tiara controlling her and her blankly saying ‘master’, I said “what?!”. Then when she said she was doing to because she liked the guy I said “WHAT ?!”

    As for ‘War God’, I also was a bit surprised to hear Hitler. But I laughed at the Woodstock rebuttal. I would have loved it if Diana said ‘listen to the loving words of Woodstock’ and then that famous burnout comes in and says ‘Don’t use the brown acid, it’s a bad batch!’

    Thanks for review as always. Awesome!

  4. Regarding the reference to Woodstock. While I’ll certainly grant that the writers in the 1970s likely had a different perspective on Woodstock than we might today, I think it’s important to keep in mind that the reference was in not so much a “good vs. evil” context as it was a “peace vs war” context. While I’m hesitant to think of certain aspects of Woodstock culture as “good,” I can say without hesitation that they were attempting to promote peace.

  5. Great episode, guys. Unfortunately the lasting thought from it is this:

    Wonder Woman: Hera, help me!

    Hera: Oh for fuck’s sake. What part of strong INDEPENDENT woman don’t you understand?!?!?!


  6. I never had a Wonder Woman Power Record, sadly. I vaguely remember seeing some of the Peter Pan cassettes (not specifically Wonder Woman) but always passed on them because they gypped you out of the comic book. Those die-cut numbers sound familiar, too.

    The Secret of the Magic Tiara was painful, but not completely alien from the types of stories Bob Kanigher was telling late in his run, Wonder Woman Vs. The War God was more fun, and I’m happy we finally get a legit member of the rogues gallery. I’m surprised how close this battle with Mars was to the Ares showdown from the movie. Whhhooooaaa, sampling audio! I enjoyed The Amazons From Space the most, as it best recalled “Charles Moulton,” though it read even more like what Greg Potter would have done had he stuck around longer. All of the art here was lovely. Having read more Continuity Comics than the average DC fan though, I’m glad we didn’t get any Peter Stone writing credits on our books, thanks. Was he even a real guy?

  7. This was a hoot to hear! I’ll bet anything there were only two actors hired for the whole record. They did a good job creating different voices for the many characters.
    Speaking of great Rich Buckler drawings of Wonder Woman, I give you exhibit A, the cover of Wonder Woman #249. With Hawkgirl as a bonus!

  8. Not my favorite because she seemed fairly dependent on others in the War God ep, also… they called him Mars instead of Ares… That’s Roman, not Greek, but she used the name Hera, Greek. The Magic Tiara ep was just strange (I could probably write a paper on where it went wrong). And I got mad during the Amazons from Space because it just seemed wrong on a social level. I don’t think they achieved what they were going for. I liked her Christmas special better.

    I’m not sure why but it reminded me of Pendant Production’s audio show “Wonder Woman: Champion of Themyscira” despite having pretty different stories. (It’s been a while since I listened so I can’t really compare them well.)

    Oh, and I liked the movie! Thank goodness. ^_^

  9. Loving this podcast. I had many of the power records as a kid, and these really flood the memories back. Why is this not a weekly podcast? Can’t wait for the next episode. And yes, that’s my real name, so Batman stories were my favorite.

  10. As with the other Fire and Water Podcasts, I love this one. This the second podcasts that I have listened too on the power records and they are great. They take me back to when I was much younger listening to these in my bedroom at my parents house. I have a problem now that I love listening to more and more of the Fire and Water podcasts and I am not going to be able to keep up. Just keep up the good work. Thanks for the memories.


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