The Power Records Podcast #21 – Forgotten Heroes!


Chris and Rob discuss two of the most obscure heroes ever to grace a Power Record--the TV series character GEMINI MAN and the Power Records original hero HOLO-MAN! Plus your listener feedback!

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17 responses to “The Power Records Podcast #21 – Forgotten Heroes!

  1. Splendid. I found Gemini Man to be an approachable, easy listen. It helps, I think, to have seen the tv show. The Holo Man episode just didn’t connect with me.

  2. Well, *I* for one, had the Holo-man record – got it for Christmas one year (probably 1979) together with two other Power Records productions, Spider-man: Invasion of the Dragon Men and Batman: Robin Meets Man-Bat (they were given to me by my parents, but I think they picked those up at the suggestion of my older brother, who was probably out Christmas shopping with them). So I was more familiar with him then Gemini Man; I only remember hearing about the TV show much later – and I certainly never knew about the Power Records book.
    Holo-Man, though, certainly was an odd duck. Since I had never heard of him before receiving that Power Records book, I remember wondering back then if there was some hero comic I was missing. And I was completely mystified by the cliffhanger ending and wondered if the conclusion would be forthcoming. Alas.
    By the way, even back then, as a kid, I could seed that the president was drawn to resemble Jimmy Carter, and was a bit put off by the fact that he didn’t talk like him on the record.
    Anyway, thanks for the conversation, and posting the recordings – I actually had flashbacks listening to the Holo-man section. I couldn’t believe how much of the dialogue has been seared into my memory, like “Concentrate, and these powers shall be yours!”

  3. This episode was sheer delight!! Regardless of the quality of the records, Rob and Chris were clearly having a blast!! Their whimsy and fun spirit were infectious. The perfect companion on an unpleasant flight.

    Like Chris, I remember Holo-Man from the Superhero Encyclopedia too!! And not sure if that influenced me, but i LOVED the ridiculousness of this record! Bonkers story. Bonkers usage of holograms. And bonkers fun! I want more!! Or at least a documentary on the creation and failed plans.

    Regarding big budget efforts full of licensing that fell flat, my go-to is always the late 1990s “Lost in Space” movie. They expected that to be massive… and not so much. No matter, I still adore it, warts and all. Maybe I’m a sucker for failing big on mediocre entertainment.

    Finally, catching up on the previous episode as well. Wonderful to hear ScottX on the show. He’s awesome!!

  4. There seemed to be some dismissal regarding the use of invisibility in a audio drama. Allow me to ask this then… what is more ridiculous: the use of invisibility in a story or say, a puppet like Charley McCarthy on Old Time Radio? I propose to you that invisibility is just fine because, as a listener, you are still imagining the world being given. Imagining a puppet, presumably conscious and independent, is a far weirder concept.

  5. Thank you for another remarkable episode, gentlemen. Listening to your discussion of invisible heroes in audio media, I’m surprised that the Shadow, who was once voiced by the late great Orson Welles, never got a mention (unless I just missed it). I suppose one could argue whether or not his power to cloud men’s minds is true invisibility, but it’s close enough for me.

    Also, after hearing about the cliffhanger ending to Holo-Man’s only appearance, I did a quick internet search for any Holo-Man fan fiction out there that might finish the story. Sadly, I found none. So, there’s a challenge for any aspiring fan fiction authors in the F&W community.

    1. I don’t think Rob or I completely poo-pooed the idea of invisibility as a power in an audio recording. This just isn’t the way to do it. PR really phoned it in with the Gemini Man audio “effects”. Sue going invisible in the lone Fantastic Four PR story worked well enough.

      Poor Holo-Man. You know you’re obscure when there isn’t even a fan fic or revival pitch out there for you!

  6. You have my vote for playing the rest of The Gemini Man adventures!
    I loved this episode, but I can’t help but feel a little sorry for Power Records. They obviously hoped to get in on the ground floor with The Gemini Man and launch their own superhero series with Holo-Man. Unfortunately for them neither panned out.
    Makes you wonder what other characters they had waiting in the wings had Holo-Man been a success.
    This episode, along with Jaws of the Shark are my favorites. Rob and Chris truly shine when they are trying to find the positives in these, shall we say, not quite gold records.

  7. Holo-Man! I would look at those ads in the comics and covet! Ooooh, I want that comic, ooooh, I want a holo-disc, ooooh, I want holography to be a thing! Those ads seemed to run for many, many months. Were they just in DC Comics? The story is certainly a “Paint-by-numbers” generic hero origin story, and apparently much thought went into the fleshing out of Holo-Man’s world and cast. And by “much thought” I mean “group think.” Older adviser, beautiful-but-not-sexy arm-holder potential hostage, wholesome junior hero-worshipper, uncommon pet, villain with evil facial hair. This is twenty years after Rip Hunter! How does the editorial committee get that far, and not have a couple of issues recorded/printed? They probably blew the advance on coke.
    Gemini Man was lousy. Flat out lousy. Who is Sam? Where doe he work? How does he make himself invisible? Why would a gold thief make a machine that doesn’t work? And “tell the right people?” Jeez. 1976 was peak TV watching time for me. I watched “Holmes and Yoyo.” I watched “Mr. T and Tina.” I watched “Don Adams’ Screen Test.” I never even heard the TV show Gemini Man. Somebody did somebody’s nephew a favor somewhere in this inedible food chain.

  8. Cool podcast. not sure why the invisible man is called Geminin Man. The movie makes more since. But, it was a good power record. Though the movie about the Invisible Man that used Hallow Man title was a better name. Er As for the Hollow Man himself…er. Looks like the light saves zebra. Sorry. I can see why this failed. The Vililan may have been a good hero. He’s got a good look to him. Laser Woman looks good same with Utopia. Did I mention I have U-tube page. That’s Liz Anne Oswalt O..s…w..a..l..t. Sorry for the spell out but I learned I found a few people couldn’t find it. Laser Man is fine as a mentor. But, yeah I see why his didn’t make money. The art is good. But, even Neal Adams could save this costume. Oy.

    Still cool pod cast. It’s no Kovick But, still cool power records. Can’t wait for the next pod cast.

  9. Ahhhhh…Gemini Man brings back childhood nemories. As a young lad, I would often put a stack of my PR favorites on the turntable to listen to as i went to sleep. Gemini Man was as enjoyable to me then as the $6,000,000 Man. Some of the best bedtime stories I ever heard. Batman, Spiderman, even Kojak were staples of my night time ritual and I’m sure was the start of my obsession with audio drama today.

    Holo man of course was another thing. I’m still waiting for a resolution to the cliffhanger ending.

    As always, a fantastic episode and I’m already anticipating the next one. Easily my favorite podcast.

  10. On Gemini Man, I like that the voice actor playing the villain used his Gorilla Grodd voice from the Batman power record. Having my mind’s eye picturing Gemini Man taking on Grodd made the story more interesting. Ok, we all know Grodd defeat Gemini Man pretty easily.

    I couldn’t picture Gemini Man because I have never heard of this series…weird because I know of a lot of 70s flops. When I researched it, I found a Superman connection for you. Female lead Katherine Crawford appeared in one of the best episodes of The Man from U.N.C.L.E., The Iowa Scuba Affair, which was directed by Chris and Rob’s personal friend, Richard Donner. That Donner guy has some talent. I think he might go somewhere.

    Holo-Man…right up there with great 70s fad creations like Razorback, Rocket Racer, and my personal favorite Hypno-Hustler from the not so classic Spider-Man Night Fever issue. Why wasn’t that ever turned into a Power Record?

    Why was Jimmy Carter in so many comics? I have a Hulk with him in it and a Spidey Super Stories on the cover.

    Thanks for featuring something this weird and off the wall.

  11. From Jeff Rovin’s ENCYCLOPEDIA OF SUPER-HEROES… because I never get rid of anything. Still proudly sitting on my bookshelf near my WHO’S WHO!!

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