The Power Records Podcast Episode 12: Superman!

Hosts Rob Kelly and Chris Franklin welcome guest The Irredeemable Shag to discuss three Power Record adventures all starring The Man of Steel: “The Best Cop in the World”, “The Mxyzptlk-Up Menace”, and “Tomorrow The World.”

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2 responses to “The Power Records Podcast Episode 12: Superman!

  1. Mitz-ul-plik! I always go by what they called him in the Superfriends. I had the “pink” LP but don’t remember much about it. At that age I like the Book & Records better. I found it hard to get into some of these without pictures. As an adult my attention span is better so I enjoy the audio dramas. Hands down my favorite of the Fire & Water podcasts.

    Power Pal Mike B.!

  2. These are the best Superman stories PR produced. Very in the Bronze Age pocket and, if I remember correctly, the only stories where he tackled his traditional comic book foes. In the other stories, its mad minnows and killer bees and international nuclear terrorists.

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