Tough Like a Girl #33 – Daughters of the Dragon: Samurai Bullets

Lis and Nathaniel go on a wide ride with a couple of butt kicking bounty hunters in sensible shoes and highly unsensible outfits.

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4 responses to “Tough Like a Girl #33 – Daughters of the Dragon: Samurai Bullets

  1. I’ve only seen one Fast & Furious movie, but that is always the tone and style I’ve associated with this DAUGHTERS OF THE DRAGON story. It’s a high-octane buddy-cop action movie in the style of HOBBS & SHAW, TANGO & CASH, or a Michael Bay movie. And because of that, I make a mental allowance for the cheesecake art. It’s of a piece with the world of the story where the heroes and villains are super sexy, covered in a sheen of sweat, and constantly walking in slow motion to a hip-hop soundtrack.

    Glad you both enjoyed it!

  2. Impressive podcast. Most Impressive. How did Missy say it… the B***ch is back. The some times U tuber personality. That’s Liz Anne Oswalt on U tube. Yep Liz Anne one name to avoid confusion. I love this comic. It was a mini. Though they were in Black and white comic back issues in the 70s. And head lined in the 90s Hero’s for Hire. Though how did you forget the Punisher? He was awesome in this comic. And they got a reg comic latter. Tother they sarted in The Deadly Hands of Kung Fu 32. Though Sorry Collen one is not a D cup. that’s a b. No way that is 4 inches bigger than her rib cage. I’m a T-girl with a natural D cup. Collen doesn’t have a D cup in that comic. Nope sorry no. Also though that she is Chinese She doesn’t do Kung Fu. Her style is Ju Jitisu. And she is in fact a Samurai which was in the tv show too.

    Only Danny does Kung Fu. But, yeah Misty is a D cup. Mostly cause she was a copy of Pam Grier Thus the joke of Pam Grier and fin fang foom. Ya know Pam Grier the first female action star. Not Brie. So she’s drawn kind of like her. I haven’t seen two many Black spoliation, but Blacula was good. I know her work from Above the Law on ward. Jackie Brown being great. blacksploitation did some good things at it’s time. Making stars of men and women that wouldn’t have gotten a chance with out it. Melvin Van Peebles kind of helping create the film form. He was even a writer of said movies. And the father of Mario Van Peebles . Luke Cage’s look may have been based on Shaft or Super Fly. To me the drawing looks like Bernie Casey.

    In fact she was co created by Larry “G.I. Joe” Hama. A man who knows a few things about Samurais and Ninjas. (Ok the Myth of Ninjas.) Oddly he was the artist on that issue with the great Doug Moench as the writer. Well she’s half Chinese with her Mom being Japanese with ancestors that are daimyo and Samuria. Any way threw the issues of Power Man and Iron Fist she and Mysty became gal pals. Collen being one of my fav Charters as a kid. Thought I don’t talk to her on my U-tube Page Much. That’s Liz Anne Oswalt. On U-tube.

    Any Way back to the comic it was very 70s, but I think that’s planed. I was not a fan of the secretary. Save when he’s teamed with Orka. Together these too work. No idea why. Only Romance Collen has had in Comics was brief Fling with Danny till well it became certan Danny was the Soul mate of Misty. And Collen latter dated Bob Diamond. And yeah the actrees busting her butt and the charcter being awesome maybe why she took over as the lead of Iron Fist. Kind of like Kato in the 60s Green Hornet. Cause Bruce Lee is awesome. But, Danny is a cool character.

    Well as is. Race swaping would be pointless cause sorry he’s a Stereo type if he was Asian. Just leave him white. Had the MCU not droped the Ball on Jimmy Woo he could have been the guy. I mean cool Asian James Bond and they make him a comedy Cop…sigh. Maybe they will get it with Shang Chi and his Girl friend. Though he will need a major over hall. Cause in the comics he was basically Kung Fu. The Cat in the Shang Chi comics was cooler since he was basically Bruce Lee. But, the Shang Chi Comics in the 70s were great so the movie if they fix the lead can be great. But, no leave Danny as is.

    Cause yeah he’s a walking Kung Fu Theater reject. In fact his early drawing mostly look like John Saxon . Finn Jones didn’t try from what I hear, but I was ok with what I saw of him, but yeah I liked Jessica Henwick better mainly cause of my Collen Fan-ness. And cause she worked hard. Race sex I don’t care, but the lead needs to work hatrd and she did. At lest it looked like she cared more than Finn. Sorry Finn fans. He was fine as Danny. Ok back to comic Danny. He’s mostly Bruce Wayne and a Shaw Brothers film mixed. So yeah no reson to change his race, cause again he would not b a step forward. And I just remembered Jimmy was in Cap first Avenger and used well there. Just a new version in Ant Man…not so much. Nothing against Randall Park, but oy. He’s saposed to be James Bond and we got Clouseau.

    How the 50s comics get him right and the 2000 movies fail is beyond me. Any way this comic was fun. James Palmiotti and Justin Gray did a great job on this comic. But, yeah the villains were very She-Hulk esc. I.E. small time. Sadly Amanda Conner didn’t draw it since they are the power team. Though if ya’ll Thought Misty was busty. Watch out if Amanda drew her lol. Hum Bug eventeamed with Misty and .Collen in this. But, yeah as for Kung Fu that would only be Danny. Collen with Ju Jitsu. So basically Royce level Bad A**, but she can kick and punch. Misty is a street fighter. With Police training. And Danny Does Kung Fu.

    No idea which style of Kung Fu. So many. Probly not Wing Chun.

  3. I hadn’t read this story before but found it on Marvel Unlimited. This was indeed a 6-issue mini-series, so the story could wrap up nicely. And honestly, I enjoyed the story a lot! It’s a hot-octane, summer movie blockbuster with ‘splosions and fights, with remarkably funny character moments. I could roll with it and have a good time.

    The artwork. Hey, the ladies were purty, but geez, that was a lot of nipple-age everywhere. (Calm down, Shagg.) And sometimes I was confused. “What is happening with Misty’s boobs here?” Ok, she goes commando, but it just looked wrong and painful and ew.

    The villain cameos were cute, but nitpicky me got confused by “the Mad Juggler.” He looks just like the villain from the 80’s Hawkeye mini-series, Oddball, a *much* better name. Were they trying to rename him? Or is this intentionally a different guy? Or did somebody screw up? And why do I care???!!!!

    This book must have been somewhat successful, since it gets relaunched as “Heroes For Hire”, with even more women in skintight, nipple-pointing outfits, plus Humbug, and aforementioned kung fu-craze inspired Shang-Chi. Is that one on the docket?

    Finally, loved Colleen and Misty on the Netflix shows. A “Daughters of the Dragon” or “Heroes For Hire” series would have been excellent. Ah well.

    Great episode as always, my punchers! You sure make me smile. (Get it? Smile? Cuz that’s next? … Hello?)

  4. Thank you both for another great episode. I believe the late comment you mentioned may have been my comment from Episode #31, but that’s on me for not posting it sooner.

    In regards to this episode, this story sounds like a fun homage to those 70s blacksploitation films. Unfortunately, the artwork, namely the costume designs, will probably keep me from picking this one up. My general rule of thumb is to ask myself if I would feel embarrassed if my wife or daughter saw me reading this? If the answer is yes, then I should probably give it a pass, and this one looks like a yes. Still, I really enjoyed your coverage of this book.

    Finally, your discussion of the undead, during the listener feedback portion of the episode, made me realize that there is a serious problem with the representation of the undead in modern media. When the undead are depicted in print or visual media, you primarily see zombies and vampires, with the occasional mummy thrown in. What about all of the other underrepresented types of undead, like ghouls, skeletons, and wights? Thank you for opening my eyes to this issue.

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