Tough Like a Girl #1 – Batgirl Year One

The premier episode of the Punch Like a Girl podcast looks at the formative years of one of the best known and most beloved superheroines in comics. Hosts Nathaniel and Lis take a look at this seminal work and pick apart the highs and lows.

It seemed fitting to start with a character who shares an occupation with one half of this podcasting duo. Yes, it’s true. Lis is a masked vigilante too! Or maybe it was being a librarian… Nathaniel wrote this entry and he doesn’t do research, so this could go either way.

Our theme song was composed and performed by erica dreisbach, and you can find more of her work at her website right here. And our logo art is by Nic Buxom.

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2 responses to “Tough Like a Girl #1 – Batgirl Year One

  1. Loved your premiere episode!! And you covered one of my favorite stories!

    Just a quick observation regarding Robin’s involvement, especially since Nathaniel never does research. You discussed Robin’s part in the story, and this might help explain things a bit. BATGIRL YEAR ONE wasn’t exactly a sequel, however, the same creative team had produced ROBIN YEAR ONE prior to this. So connecting Robin to the Batgirl story made a lot of publishing sense. In fact, ROBIN YEAR ONE and BATGIRL YEAR ONE are together in the same trade paperback now.

    Looking forward to working through your back catalog!!

  2. I wasn’t thinking about the librarian connection with Babs. That’s great, Lis!

    I read this story in its original mini-series format, and the non-sequential storytelling indeed works better that way. But it’s an interesting question. Should a story be restructured for trade paperbacks to better appeal to the expectation of reading the entire book? Or is it up to the reader to keep in mind the difference between a graphic novel and a trade reprint? Hmmm.

    This series made me a fan of Marcos Martin. The only other series he’s done which would work for this show is She-Hulk. Is it up for consideration?

    Great analysis of an old favorite of mine. Thanks!

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