Tough Like a Girl #14 – Alias Vol. 1

Who says that everything put out around the holidays has to be joyous? Lis and Nathaniel take a look at the first published exploits of one Jessica Jones, the adult aimed bitter drunk of the Marvel Universe.

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2 responses to “Tough Like a Girl #14 – Alias Vol. 1

  1. Hey Liz and Nathaniel love the show (Nathaniel may recognise me from my comments on his YouTube videos). Really enjoyed your review of Alias, despite only reading the first issue I agree with a lot of your comments. Despite usually liking the art style and repeating panels to show expression or lack there of. I don’t think it was executed as well as I`be seen it done in other comics. Anyway great episode as always my only complaint about the podcast is that it isn’t updated more regularly.

    PS: is runaways on the docket? Should fit the criteria for team books but well worth checking regardless.

  2. I started collecting Alias around issue 14, and I keep meaning to find them. The story sounds great, so I’ll get it on my wish list ASAP.

    Perhaps the artwork suffers from going too far for mood and style, at the expense of story-telling. It didn’t bother me as much, and thought the multiple panels was showed the passage of time pretty effectively, but I certainly understand the frustration you both had.

    Still, wow. That was a lot of hate from Nathaniel. (Nate brings the hate!)

    Another enjoyable episode! Keep ’em coming!

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