Tough Like a Girl #20 – All’s Faire in Middle School

One of the first titles we ever reviewed was Roller Girl by Victoria Jamieson. Lis and Nathaniel figured they were due to look at another of her works with this story of chivalry and early teen drama.

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5 responses to “Tough Like a Girl #20 – All’s Faire in Middle School

  1. I think this may be another must read for my daughter. My wife and I recently got Roller Girl for her from our local library, and she loved it, devouring the whole book in one sitting before school one morning. (My daughter is an early riser).

    Added to that is my love for Renaissance Festivals. I even used to take my daughter to the Ren Fest down in Miami, FL when she was younger. (We’d let my wife tag along too). Unfortunately, when we moved up to Massachusetts a few years ago, we discovered that the local Ren Fest is ridiculously expensive, even by Ren Fest standards. So, we haven’t been to one in several years. Sigh.

    I’ll stop there before I get too depressed. Thanks for another great reading recommendation.

    1. P.S. I just caught my daughter rereading Roller Girl in the living room. She said that her favorite part of the book is at the end, where Astrid is able to reconcile her relationships between her old and new friends, and even sees some improvement in her relationship with her worst enemy (though my daughter made it clear to me that they were still enemies).

  2. By complete coincidence, one of my girls just bought this book with birthday money on the same day I listened to the podcast! I love serendipity! I’ll be back after we’ve read it.

    1. Huzzah and well met, fair podcasters! Twas a right fine graphic novel indeed. (Yeah, I’m no good at ye ole English.)

      Ginny’s already read it twice, and she has lots of sympathy for Impy’s story. She just finished 7th grade, and being slightly nerdy and definitely not one of the cool kids, the experiences rang true. Impy, Anita, and Sasha(?) are the more like the kids Ginny and her sister are friends with. And of course, she thought being in a Ren Faire would be great! We’ve gone to a couple of small events, since no big Faires come near us, and she enjoyed seeing this depiction of a bigger one.

      I’ll also embarrass Ginny a little. (Don’t tell her.) A couple of years ago, quite impetuously, she threw her sister’s wrist watch into the deep end of a swimming pool, right in front of some friends, and she instantly regretted it. So you know what part of the book made me think of that.

      I enjoyed this story immensely myself. An entertaining story and so many good characters. I wish I was as funny as Cussie, but I’ve pulled that “We wouldn’t want to EMBARRASS you!” bit with my girls a time or two. (Shocking, I know!)

      Great choice for the show! I shall see thee again ‘pon the next moon, proud punchers! (Just stop.)

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