Tough Like a Girl #35 – She-Ra Season 3

Lis and Nathaniel step outside the remit of the show to gush about their shared love of the Netflix reboot of She-Ra.

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4 responses to “Tough Like a Girl #35 – She-Ra Season 3

  1. I haven’t started watching this iteration of SHE-RA yet, but hopefully I’ll get around to it. I did want to mention, though, that you two brought up an excellent point that a “coming out” situation can be universal to every type of person. It doesn’t have to be about sexuality or gender identity, so finding another scenario to humanize that moment can be a powerful moment for viewers. Good job!

  2. Not having grown up with She-Ra (MOTU was really the last big new thing I was into before I felt myself “too mature” for such things, ha ha joke’s on me), I have no nostalgic affection for this property. But the bits I saw about the reboot made me think it looked cool, and when the Incels screamed bloody murder about it I figured it must be okay. IDK if i will find the time to watch any of it, but you two did a good job of making it sound very appealing and fun.

    BTW, Lis’ squeal of delight in this episode was the best non-verbal representation of our “Find Your Joy” mantra that has ever appeared on one of the network’s shows.

  3. My wife and I have yet to cross over to the dark side of subscribing to any streaming services, so I haven’t been able to follow this incarnation of She-Ra. Though, I continue to hear great things about the series. I was able to watch the very first episode, when we were visiting with friends, and I liked what I saw. I’m particularly glad that She-Ra seems to have successfully stepped out of He-Man’s shadow. Thanks for another great episode.

  4. Sorry I took so long to comment, but it was simply that I HAVE watched Season One of She-Ra, and didn’t want to get spoilers so I needed time to catch up! Thank goodness Season 2 was just 7 episodes, and 3 was 6 episodes.

    This show has been a delight all the way, and Season 3 was no exception. As usual, you both touched on so many things I agree with, so I’ll keep with my biggest impressions:

    Scorpia: Her unrequited crush on Catra is so obvious and adorable, it’s easy to have affection for this antagonist. I think of her as like a “beefcake” woman, like a body builder guy who’s all into his “guns” and “pecs” and not much going on upstairs. Scorpia’s not that dumb, but close. She’s just the best.

    Entrapta: Since I hadn’t watched the original She-Ra series, I didn’t know she was supposed to be a villain. And I agree, she really isn’t even here. She works with the bad guys, but really works FOR SCIENCE! Honestly, she’s a full-on nerd, so of course I like her. The hair. Her inventions. Yes, even her voice. Love it all. So my daughters and I were crushed when she switched teams. It’s made for great stories, and hasn’t diminished my love for the character, but come back Entrapta, come back!!

    Adora: She’s a badass! The stories make it all about “turn into She-Ra to save the day”, but as Adora, she’s smart, cunning, and a fighter that holds her own against Catra. She doesn’t have to be She-Ra, she chooses to. The slow unfolding mystery of her background has been great, and I look forward to more.

    Catra: She felt like more or less a flunky to the big bads of the Horde at the beginning. But it became apparent pretty quickly that she wasn’t staying in that role. She’s the big villain of this series, and she has become scarier and scarier with each season. As you say, she’ll let everything burn to have Adora lose. Chilling.

    Adora, She-Ra, and Catra: The final episode of Season 3 was magnificent. All this time, Adora believed “I can get Catra to see my side, and we’ll be friends again.” But in that final scene, “You made your choices!” And Adora’s look of “I’m done with you” followed by Catra skulking away with the “oh, scat” expression? Fan-freaking-tastic!

    Cutest episodes: the role playing game, and Bow’s 2 dads. So great!

    Thank you for a delightful episode, and for giving me the push I needed to catch up with this series. Until next time my Punchers, “For the honor of Grayskull!”

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