Tough Like a Girl #41 – Fray

Even in the age of social distancing, Lis and Nathaniel are going to come together to talk about a graphic novel. And this one is the comic debut of one Joss Whedon, with his future set spin-off of Buffy the Vampire Slayer.

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4 responses to “Tough Like a Girl #41 – Fray

  1. Thanks for another fun episode. I’m glad the pandemic didn’t put the kibosh on it.

    I watched both Buffy and Angel when they first aired on TV, but haven’t revisited the Buffyverse in a long time. This book seems like it might be a good way to dive back in. I love the blending of sci-fi and the supernatural, and like that this is the story of a future slayer. It’s a shame that more didn’t come of it. I would have liked a comic series that followed the adventures of different slayers, set in different times and places around the world. That would be one way to infuse the slayers with a bit more diversity.

    My daughter probably isn’t quite ready for Buffy, but I don’t think it will be too long before she is. I’m betting that she’ll enjoy the series.

  2. Will I be ostracized from the podcast if I admit … I haven’t watched Buffy? Full disclosure, I did watch the original movie, and about 5 years ago, I tried the first 2 episodes of the TV show. And that’s it. Sure, the concept’s interesting, and I’ve enjoyed other things by Whedon. And maybe seeing it so much later, the show’s pace seems too slow compared to more recent series. Or maybe I’ve just aged out of it.

    But this comic does look fun. So…. another for the reading list… At least I’ll have entertainment for the nursing home.

    Thanks for another fun show, my socially distanced Punchers!

  3. Impressive podcast. Most impressive. I didn’t mean it was a bad thing. Halesome can be good. After what happened with Ezra Miller. And what they did. We need all the holsome we can get. People latch on to that false narrative. And Nathen you being holseme. helps. We are not all like Ezra Miller and what they and a few others did is… a small percentage that is getting pushed as the whole. Any way moving on. Yeah people should live up to their ideals, but they don’t always. You just have to do the best to live up to yours and when the other person doesn’t roll your eyes and move on.

    Speaking up that moves on Nicely to Mr. Weeden him self. Oy talk about not living up to his ideals. A feminists’. ( I always preferred equalists to this.) He realy does not live up to his ideals. With what happened with him and his wife, but as that’s been discussed to death. I shall move on. Separating his art from him. And I can because for the most part he doesn’t beat me over the head with his “ideals.” The work it’s self is fine. I like buffy and this seems fine. I didn’t buy it, because I don’t buy comics much any more. Charile X being the villain in the X books was kind of my main tape out. Well On Slaught.

    But, this seems fine. I probly wouldn’t read it with the mentor demon… not my thing. But, yeah not a big shot he betrayed home girl. Not a fan of her weapon. The balance just lookls oy. Not a question of strength, because she’s the slayer. But, the balance looks way off. The meatal axe as a hand guard is ware the weight is. Not a great staber for the wooden pole weapon. It’s not tapered like a long sword. I’s just light wood stake with an axe handle. I’m not worred about the but posse. One she bearly has a but. 2 you would move your him in to stabe, but she’s doing it to soon for the image on the page. Also her arm isn’t back enough if she’s gonna slay this vamp. She might wanna lose the jewelry too. So many ear rings and stuff for a vamp to grab.

    The watchers are evil? Bumber. The art work does look a bit Ramos, but ore Ed Maginus.

  4. Oy ya’ll aren’t able to Quarantine together? I’m sorry Lis and Nathaniel that has to suck. Not being with the person you love threw all this. Sorry. I mean me my relationships don’t last as long as TP, but finding true love and then not being near that person must be… oy. Sorry that happened.

    Moving on. Oh it’s also great tha Liz er Lis is holsome too. Sorry ya’ll felt slighted for saying ya’ll were holsome. I meant no harm. We need Holsome people. Not every one can be a jaded witch like me. It would drain the world of it’s hope… and it’s whiskey. And I don’t blame her for not liking Joss. He didn’t live up to his talk. Still if not for him. Buffy (both versions wouldn’t exist. And the First Avengers movie. So though he’s a real life….. *&%^ . He still made an iconic character and that’s cool. Is it Liz or Lis? The page said Lis. So I went with that. Any way can’t wait to hear the next pod cast.

    Love hearing the work ya’ll do on this pod cast and ya’ll make a great team as pod casters.

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