Tough Like a Girl #42 – Far West

What do you get when you combine fantasy creatures with a western frontier setting and have it drawn by a pin-up artist? Well Lis and Nathaniel are about to find out!

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4 responses to “Tough Like a Girl #42 – Far West

  1. Every time you mentioned Richard Moore, I thought, oh yeah, I’ve read some of that guy’s stuff. But then I look at the art and his bibliography and realize nope, not familiar with this guy.

    I love the premise, though. I think this might be a world that I enjoy more as an animated or live-action adaptation than the original material.

  2. Impressive podcast. Most impressive. Meh I’ve warn worse. Some Terfs were being annoying on my U tube page…. so I bought a cheep knock off Slave Leah costume. Just to annoy them further. Cause of the sweet innocent Angle I am. :D. Any way seems like this was a cool comic. Wait a doll attacked her? weird. I’m guessing by their outfits their part of the same tribe. Though geez her out fit would worry me with that much sand, but a bear in the old west. Oh the heat. I don’t see any non Elf people looking at the art. Well Bears and the Orc looking dude their after and a dragon. So guessing she’s the Native American version of the elves.

    As some one who’s part Cherokee On my birth Father’s side.) and Choctaw (On my mothers side. \. Ok it was like generations ago…still. Way more germen, Irish Scotch…etc. To much to list. I am Ms. Heinse 57. Any way I’m ok with Home girl. She’s lucky she has a nice butt. I surfer from the Brie Larson problem of having almost no butt. Dragon junk huh. That had to be shocking at first. Probly like seeing Horse junk after working on a farm or something. First time it’s like geez hide that. After a bit it’s like oh that’s there. Moving right along. Still weird. Though must be easer for the Dragon in that heat.

    Unlike the Bear Man with the freaking fur. It’s weird they ware the one feather and hat combo. If she’s in charge you’d think she’d at lest get 2 feathers. I can see why they ware hats. Since in Westerns people look at you side ways if you don’t. Not that I’m a big Wester fan. I watch East Woods stuff some John Wayne. Quick and the Dead. Magnificent 7. And the Re boot Magnificent 7. with Dansel and Star Lord. Though I’m not much of a western fan. Though I do find it funny when people talk about Magnificent 7 and it being 7 Samurais with coy boys. Since Akira Kurosawa was inspired big time by John Ford.

    So yeah Akira Kurosawa films are Coy Boy films with Samurais. Remove six gun replace it with a Katana. (Even though the Katana was the third weapon a Samurai went to , Bow first Yuri (Spear.) second then Katana. Any way that’s probly why Solo acts so much like a cow boy. Though I would like to see what would have happened if Toshiro Mifune had took George up on Star Wars and played Ben Kenobi. May have been fun. Back to the comic. What are the patterns on her body? I don’t think the spots are a tattoo. And most of the humanoid elves have them. I wonder. Must have to do with the type of elf and why they have to top parts to their ears.

    Any way will ya’ll cover Mantra at some point? I would mention the crowd founded book Phil Jimenez made, but I can’t remember what it was title. But, some of the leaders were female. Any way can’t wait to hear the next pod cast. Charro Lis and Nathaniel.

  3. I really appreciate the atypical character design, but this is too cheesecakey for me nowadays. I really would dig the walking, talking bear. That’s just awesome.

    As always, fun discussion my punchers! Glad you’re socially undistanced!

  4. I hadn’t heard of this book before, but love the fantasy/western genre mash-up. Growing up, I loved reading Tolkien and watching TV shows like Gunsmoke and Bonanza, but I never imagined the two of them going together. Interestingly, Wikipedia lists the genre for Far West as weird west. I like that name.

    Also, while I appreciate your warning about Meg’s chaps, you failed to mention that Phil doesn’t appear to wear pants of any sort whatsoever. I’m sorry, but that’s just not the sort of thing I want to see in my comic books. I mean, if I want to see a pantsless bear, I’ll pour honey over my head and go for a walk in the woods. Seriously though, thank you both for sharing this book with us.

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