Tough Like a Girl #46 – Paper Girls Vol. 1

Brian K. Vaughn seeks to take readers back to the 80s. Lis and Nathaniel have mixed feelings about being taken there.

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4 responses to “Tough Like a Girl #46 – Paper Girls Vol. 1

  1. Impressive Pod cast. Most Impressive. Hi Lis hi Nathaniel. Sounds like this was a fun comic. Though I may not pick it up. Granted the weirdness sounds cool. Though I too don’t think I’d like Mac. Her homophobia reminfs me of the Trans phobia going around now. Like the asult on Eden the Doll and her friends. Or certain U tubers not noting how sck that was. Though some may or may not like Eden…what happened to her was sick. Joe Rogan’s crap. Or Ben Shipiro… his parents gave him the right insals as B.S. What I call the JK Rollons list of bull. One they also exclude when that went threw the change. And women that were sadly never able to give birth. So they exclude a lot of people with their thoughts. Not sure on home girl Gina Joy Carano er Beep Bop. I’ll wait and see what they say in the future. If they want their gender to be droid gas. Fine with me. Isn’t what that noise mean? I see C3PO go oh R2 every time R2D2 makes that noise. And moves his arm. Think it’s to fan him self, but C3Po can’t move his arm. So what ever. I’ll give Beep Boop a chance and see ware they go. Jorden Peterson… Mr. Alpha Mele… LOL. So to lose weight he had to diet before he could work out? Mean While I droped from 240 tp 1998ibs. And did bigger drops before that by going to the gym. And Nathaniel. your buddy Jessie droped from 300 ibs to 150 ibs. And I’m guessing she was on the E. at the time. Still in shock ge does 6 miles a day. I’m only up to 5.24 on the Tread mill.

    So to me Jorden is crying about Trans women since he’s hiding he’s a bit of a Beta Male. Yeah you can eat to get to a point ware you can work out, but don’t perclam your self an Alpha Male. And then whine about others just living their lives. Because they make your fee fees hurt. They want to bring up doctors, but other doctors say the opaset. And Scintists point out their not at all on point ware it comes to Gender. Like some weight lifters have to cut estrogen or take Testostaron. So their 100% Male or female thought isn’t so much. Science on the human brain of males on avrage are 75% male and 25 % female. And that’s Arnold Schwarzenegger type male. and the female brsin for the most part is 75% female and 25% male. And that’s Kate Middleton type female. Others the perscentages drop. Or go up. And most of us trans probly have the opaset brain percentage. Also their whole bit were a new thing. Trans just happened… save the Dutch Girl. That one Tenis Star in the 50s. She was a champ in the mens devesion in the 50 and latter the womens after sergery. Ultra Humanite in comics. He/She. And Saquach. The half Man Half woman thing from Circus.Josephine-Joseph and others.And Bearded ladies and Unasex. But, again we just showed up in curent year.

    It’s weird when science totaly points against what they want they stop lieing, but when they find one or two scientists or so doctor that gives them what they want. They say we should believe science…em. Oh and you can go back to Hemis child in Greak myth. who brings that one name I won’t use. But, again we Trans folks just apeared out of thin air…yep….what ever. Yep if you ignore Two-Spirits. Completly a curnt year thing. Oh that is sarcasum. Me saying their curent year BS fits. Cause we ya know always exested. Ok enough about that. Er Sorry Nathaniel. If I said he when refearing to ya’ll. Just saw the Vera vid. And any opses I did toward Lis. Moving on. LFG is a well WOW fan web comic. They don’t say World of War Craft, but it’s the same tolken like races in it. LFG was what people would say when that MMO was a thing. When they were looking for group. This may have been based on the writers experance playing WOW. From the Hoard perspective. Like one was a Blood Elf. Cale’Anon Vatay kind of a rouge or hunter cause he has the big cat companion.Sooba They say the Drizzit comparson was an opps. But, not sure. Also he has a bunny mount.

    The othere was an undead scorcer. Richard
    well a Warlock and he acted like a well. He lived up to the nick name one would give a man named Richard.

    Benn’Joon, or Benny.

    An Orc female priestess Or she maybe a Troll.
    Krunch Bloodrage also a troll…. I forgot about him. So he’s not that membrable. Though he adopts Benny as his daughter. Oh he dies.

    . . And last Pella a female Dwarf warror. Basicly she was the tank.

    It was big for a while. And the writer would make topical jokes. Or ranom ones like how pretty the Elf guy was. Cause well most Elfs are pretty boys. If male. The Dwarf woman and the Orc woman both wanted to date him, but they had enough going on to past the Bechdel test. Any way it was writen by Ryan Sohmer and Lar de Souza. It doesn’t fit under ya’lls mandate cause it’s an onsomble book. A group. So not a female main. 2 female mains, but 2 male mains well 3…but one of them died. And Bunny is a suporting charcter whom turns out to be an arch mage. Any way it was fun. Oh did I mention I have a U-tube channel? That’s Liz Anne Oswalt on U-tube. Well, Elizabeth Anne Oswalt on u-tube. Want to hear the ramblings of a crazy woman?go there.

    Also my friend living karasu has a U-tube channel. If you want to here the thoughts of a sane woman go to her page. She probly will talk Cos Play and Animie. As well as cat videos. She has lots of viedos of her cat. She and her Hubby love that cat. Which is cool. Hey you can never go wrong with Cat vids. Though I own dogs and have dog vids. But, my friend makes Cat vids. Any way can’t wait to hear ya’lls next pod cast.

  2. That’s… a take. I think this is me seeing other people see me. It really is vexing, innit?

    While I’m here, I’m glad you covered Far West a while back. Richard Moore books passed through my shop back in the day, and I always wondered about his work without reading any.

  3. I’ve heard good things about Paper Girls, but hadn’t read it yet, so your coverage was a good excuse to give it a try, because I have no will of my own apparently.

    I get the same feeling about Mac, and not the best way for Vaughn to introduce the character, but based on other things he’s written, I suspect Mac’s arc will change her. Not soon though, which requires a big commitment of us readers. Ah, decompressed storytelling.

    But on the flip side, I did enjoy this book and it was a breeze to read. The rest of the girls were great, and I’m very intrigued by the multi-layer mystery here. I’m strongly inclined to try more volumes. I get the Stranger Things vibe, and also some elements of the USA Network series, The 4400. It’ll be interesting to see.

    Thanks for another great episode, my punchers!

  4. Listening to your discussion of this book, it sounds like this series has potential. I like the weird sci-fi elements that hint at a deeper, more complex story hidden beneath the surface. I don’t know if the rest of the series delivers on this potential, but it has piqued my curiosity.

    As for Mac, she does sound like a tough character to read. Hopefully, there is some character growth over the course of the series that makes her more sympathetic.

    As always, I look forward to the next episode.

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