Tough Like a Girl #47 – Apocalyptigirl: An Aria for the End Times

Lis and Nathaniel take a trip to the end of the world, as envisioned by Andrew MacLean.

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5 responses to “Tough Like a Girl #47 – Apocalyptigirl: An Aria for the End Times

  1. Impressive Podcast. Most Impressive Hi Lis and Nathaniel. This seems like a cool comic. Though yeah I agree with Lis. Not a fan of the art style. Don’t think I could have got threw the art. Cute Cat. Yeah sorry to hear the dog just disappeared. Jim Butcher kind of did that in The Desden files. He remembers Harry’s daughter Maggie. But forgets his other daughter Bonnie. Which would be hard to do seeing She’s a spirt in a wooden skull. that was born out of Harry Desden’s head…. long story. He mated with a Spirt type fey woman. Though Maggie was born from his romance with a Vampire woman… so any way. Some times even good writers forget important characters.

    And he’s a bit of a comic fan. With many refs. Any way. For some reason I see the character in this book as Siobhan Fahey . That maybe cause I’ve been lessoning to Shakespeare’s sister songs. Yep that’s the voice I hear in my head when I look at this comic. And her Shakespeare’s Sister run not her Bananarama run. Ah the ending was fine. Ah the planets take over as man is gone… not my thing. When I see a “Paradise” type jungle thing. I think of the Talking Heads song Beautiful High way….” if this is Paradise I think I want a lawn mower. ” Yep I’m old. Still cool she didn’t destroy the planet.

    Also how does she have running water in the Apocalypses? A stream makes since, but how is she in a house with working water pipes and a hot water heater? Any Way can’t wait for the next podcast. Glad my last renounce matched up with this story. With The Cat vides. Matched up with me talking about
    living karasu’s page on U-Tube. And I still have my page. That’s Liz Anne Oswalt on U-tube. Any way can’t wait to hear ya’lls next Podcast.

  2. I enjoyed your coverage of ApocalyptiGirl. I’ve never read this title, but I’m pretty sure I’ve flipped through it before at my local bookstore or library, because the artwork in the image gallery looks very familiar. Speaking of the artwork, I generally like the stylized look of it. Though, I agree with you that some of the facial expressions look a little strange. Also, I’ll say that Earth-27 gets my vote for “prettiest post-apocalyptic world.” I can only hope that our world looks half as good as this one after the pandemic.

    As a cat person, the inclusion of Jelly Beans is a big selling point of the book for me. I’m guessing it was the image of Jelly Beans with Aria on the cover that was responsible for me flipping through it. I’m also guessing that my daughter, also a lover of cats, would love the interaction between the two. It’s really only the graphic violence that keeps me from suggesting this book to her.

    Now, on a complete tangent, I was listening to the latest episode of Hidden Brain on my local NPR station this weekend. At one point in the episode, they played a couple clips of a very familiar voice talking about Doctor Who. So, unless my ears deceived me, I would like to say congratulations to Nathaniel for breaking into the National Public Radio spotlight.

    1. Nathaniel, I did notice that you weren’t credited at the end of that Hidden Brain episode, and wondered if there was a story behind that. Yeah, they weren’t breaking any laws, but it still stinks.

  3. Another “new to me” graphic novel. It sounds interesting, and of course I’m up for cat sidekicks. But the art doesn’t sell me. Still, a Comixology sale could entice me to give it a try.

    And now I’m thinking about the cats in Mike Maihack’s Cleopatra in Space. Yee!

    Happy after-Thanksgiving (if I’ve guessed when the next episode will air), my punchers!

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