Tough Like a Girl #48 – Almost American Girl

Lis and Nathaniel take a look at a story of immigration, family strife, and growing up.

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4 responses to “Tough Like a Girl #48 – Almost American Girl

  1. Impressive Podcast. Most Impressive. Hi Lis and Nathaniel . Nathaniel sorry to hear the BBC used your voice or at lest the Dr. Who folks used your voice with out mentioning your show. That’s wrong. I’ve had a few ideas ware I think the ideas got taken by big creators in comics, but can’t prove it. And who knows may have been just we both came up with the same idea. Sorry that they didn’t put a hey we got this hear note. Or something. Leagel or not it’s kind of wrong. Moving on to the comic. I like the art. Looks a bit Manga to me. Oy spiting in a gals hand real charmers there. Admittedly the bully’s I put up with were in the 80s.

    And yeah was a lot worse than that. One time some guys threw at me. But, I chased them off with a large stick. Probly a branch. As some girls called me Quazimoto. Charming folks. Any way cool to see she found a comic book class. That wasn’t there when I was a kid. We had art class, but not Comic book classes. Yeah falling to find escapes can suck. I had that. But, did escape to a comic store. M.Art classes. And lifting weights. Her having blond hero’s is fine. Mine were She-Ra Filmation. She-Hulk, Lady Jay Rouge. I could go on.

    I did have some oy people that were friends of friends. That if it wasn’t for the one friend. I’d avoid her buddy. Cause she did not like me…and I didn’t care, but wanted to hang with my friend and she wanted to hang with this gal. I’ll call her Skeeter…not her name. But, we became ok latter just at the time…oy. One time this gal brought a 3rd gal over and they baroded my Culter club tape…never got it back. Also all the folks fliping out about Harry Styles waring a dress must have never heard rock and roll. Realy, Clutter Club, New York Dolls. Allice Cooper. Prince. I could go on. What was there exposer to rock Patt Boone does heavy Metal? Harry Styles is a good singer and basicly normal as can be. Like Archie . But, in a dress. Sorry back on topic.

    Any way one time Sketter she tried to trick me into thinking I was deaf by moving her lips and pretending no sound came out her mouth but acting like she was talking. Sadly my friend was going along with Skeeter…not her real name, but any way. Save I could hear myself talk so it failed. She got annoyed and called me dumb for not getting what she was doing. We were like 12 if that. So that’s why it’s such a lame prank still. I was like if I was deaf I wouldn’t hear myself talk and just laughed at her threw the try.

    Any way my friend and I got along great when she wasn’t there. We’d play Barbie. And Barbie and the rockers. WE almost got Jem dolls cause I loved the Misfits and she liked Jem, but sorry those dolls were ugly. So we pretended the Barbie’s were Jem. I’d add in my Mr. T action figure , Indiana Jones, She had a Mike Jackson doll So we added them with the Ken doll. Sorry were weren’t fans of Ken… he looked like a taller Ben Shapiro. And other times we’d play G.I. Joe. My friend er we’ll call her Tina not her name, but again changing the names to protect the innocents. She’d play with the female toys… some of them we’d split them up.

    And we had Archie comics and a tape player ware we’d record us playing the characters. Jughead was her favorite. Betty Cooper was mine. She’d voice Varonica and I’d voice Archie…and then when Skeeter showed up it was oy. We got along better as time went one. One time Skeeter played the Mom. Tina the daughter. I played the cop dad…then I died. She had me killed off. Any way when we played Barbie Skeeter didn’t want me to play with her Brook Shield’s doll. But, I had been a fan mostly cause when I vested my cousin I got to play Brook. Since My cousin had a Wonder Woman doll. That she liked better. The 12 inch Mego. I think any way the toy was the same size as the Barbies.

    Finely after Tina talked to her and said I was good…. Skeeter had me addition to play with her Brooke Shield’s doll. And I ended up practicing before hand. at age 12. Reminded me of years latter when I was in college and tried to get a part in Lost in Yonkers in a collage play. I didn’t get the part in the play… but Skeeter finely let me play with her Brooke Sheild’s doll. After Skeeter and Tina watched me played with the doll. And Skeeter reluctantly let me play with the doll. Luckily Tina had my back on that one. One time Skeeter sat near my dog and pet him. And no matter how much I called him. My dog wouldn’t leave her side. And she let me know that my dog liked her way more than me.

    Any way. Later she got a job as an adult model. Way after I knew her. As an adult of course. Not sure what happened to Tina her and her Mom moved once her Mom met a nice guy and they moved to Cali, Any way the story in this comic looks cool. Also Sailor Moon rocks. I was more a Sailor Mars fan, but still Sabrina was fun. She was kind of always running from the bad guy. till the last second. And defiantly not built like an 80s Marvel or DC super hero. Built like a young gal. Heck I liked Colleen Wing as a kid. And Jinx from G.I. Joe. So yeah her heros are fine. Little Boys have He-Man, Cap Black Panther.

    No one looks like the heros. At some point ya just go ah ok cool. Lets live up to their ideals more than look. Can’t wait to hear the next pod cast. Any way. I still have my U-tube page. That’s Liz Anne Oswalt.

  2. Er clarifications. The kids were throwing bricks at me. When I chased them with a branch. And we were about 13 at that point. A bunch of guys. The gal was just some jerk siting there that had to put in her 2 cents. Not involved at all. Brinks were on the play ground case something was getting fixed. I chased the guys with the branch not her.

    And when me and Sketer and Tina ware playing the family thing she had my character killed. So they went to playing and I just went and sleep on the couch. Hey my character was dead. What’s a girl to do? So I played dead. Yeah this was more of the bulling in the 80s. Never had any one spit in my hand. like home girl did in the comic. But if they did I’d probly punch em and wipe their spit in their face. Their were sound affects they made at me. Dumb names, but no one ever spit in my hand. So different levels I guess. But, I would escape in comics toys. Video games. Kind of like home girl in the story did.

  3. I am more than a little interested in this one. I had plenty of problems with bullies growing up, so I can’t help but sympathize. You’d think I would avoid revisiting that for fear of triggering, but instead it gives me a protagonist I want to root for. So it’s definitely going on the list.

    Dang it, I’m gonna plug “Cleopatra In Space” again. But I can’t help it! The second season of the animated series just came out on Peacock, NBC’s streaming service. Still a fun show, and most importantly, Cleo gets her pet OTTER! YES! (inaudible squeal) And hey, if you want a guest host when you get around to covering “Cleo in Space”, nudge nudge wink wink. Yep, subtle as a brick to the head, that’s me.

    Thanks for covering this one, my punchers! (And if you want a guest when you cover Cleopatra In Space,

  4. Thank you for the introduction to this book. It sounds like an uncomfortable, but good, read, which can make for a healthy empathy-expanding experience. Though, it sounds like this one is best taken in small doses.

    Lis, you mentioned that you used this graphic novel in a class you taught on representation. I’d be interested to learn what other authors or books you covered in the class, unless you’re planning to cover them in later episodes. I wouldn’t want you to have to spoil anything.

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