Tough Like a Girl #51 – She-Ra and the Princesses of Power: Legend of the Fire Princess

Lis and Nathaniel take a look at a graphic novel spin-off of one of their favorite shows in recent years.

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7 responses to “Tough Like a Girl #51 – She-Ra and the Princesses of Power: Legend of the Fire Princess

  1. It looks like I’ll have to introduce my daughter to the Netflix series, before I introduce her to this graphic novel. Unfortunately, the last time we were able to watch Netflix, she decided to binge watch Pokemon, rather than She-Ra. I guess I can’t complain, since I’m also the one who introduced her to Pikachu and company.

    Thanks for another great episode.

    1. P.S. When my daughter wasn’t watching Pokemon, I was able to catch up on the first two seasons of She-Ra. So, many quirky characters to fall in love with.

  2. Maybe if you introduce her to the novel first you will manage to convince her to quit binging Pokémon next time you have Netflix. Give it a try!

    1. Done! That was quite fun! I totally agree, this was like transcribing an episode as a graphic novel. It captures the feel, the characters, and the storyline very well.

      Now my only nitpick is there’s a couple of places where the word balloon tails go to the wrong character. But that’s being VERY nitpicky, and the only clue that this might have been a tad rushed, like Nathaniel notes about most “cash grab” tie-ins like this. But it’s not enough of a problem to take away my enjoyment.

      It does my heart good to see them give Catra-Scorpia as many pages as they did, without it being about “the plan” or “being evil”, which is the case in normal shows. Not She-Ra. Their stories are just as interesting and fun as the heroes/princesses.

      Thank you very much for this recommendation, my punchers!

  3. Cool Vid. Ah I realized I opposed. And forgot Bo’s dads. They are positive gay male characters on She-Ra from Earth Y. For what ever reason I forgot about them. So while Kyle is a bit oy. But, ah well. I’m still going to be happy when they reboot it. Still, not the worst re boot. Em AlterNet realty of She-Ra. Filmation being the real She-Ra. And this is…fine as She-Ra of earth Y. Still wounding Y on Earth did they make this. Still, some characters are fine. I still hate the art and a lot of the writing.

    I mean Entraptia as a character with Asperger syndrome. Not quite right. But, she works well enough. Data still being better. And Mr. Fantastic could be a character with it. If written better with it. As some one with Asperger syndrome I like that they kind of got her right. I still think Catra is Toxic. And fill Bad for She_Ra of Earth Y being stuck with her. Scorpia is waaaaaaay beter off with Perfuma. Bo…oy. Other than that one cool bit ware he save Glimer with that Arrow shot at Hordac. He’s been a bit Meh to me. Also even if he is Edge Lord… I like this version of Hordak… which is just weird.

    1. Also sorry to put my first reply in the wrong area. And put it by the art and not the down load place. Also She-Ra of Earth Y. And Catra would fail the Bechdel test . Yep if you replace Catra with Beast Man. Almost every episode in the Dream Works Cartoon She talks about Catra. Same with Catra on She-Ra. The talk about each other all the time. Some times with other characters. One time after Catra “turns good.” And is on a ship She-Ra keeps checking on her.

      Oy. Not the worst cartoon ever, but oy. But, the comic art looks better than the cartoon. At any rate can’t wait to hear the next podcast.

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