Tough Like a Girl #51 – She-Ra and the Princesses of Power: Legend of the Fire Princess – Image Supplement

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  1. Impressive Pod cast. Most impressive. Ah Ok. Fair enough Home girl from GG was in her under ware to much. still hate this “She_ra” cartoon. But, the comic does have better art. Looks like some one who took at lest one art class…unlike the cartoon. I will say some positive things about the cartoon. Not yey, but some hear and there. It’s still crap. And the thought that kids don’t buy action figures doesn’t fit since I saw the He-Man Orgoins like and only one Skelator and One He _ Man were left on the shelf when I got a battle Cat. Any Way on with it.

    The story is still meh. Not the comic. In it it sounds fine. Scarpa is fine. I’d almost be ok with this version if I just think of it as Earth Y version of She-Ra. As in Y on earth did they make this? But, even if stuff like ya know She _ra using the Care Bear star as her main weapon. And Basically Hordock and Home girl save the day. Bizarre they made Hordack likeable in the cartoon. And his romance with Entrapta is pretty good,,.. I hate to say that. I think she has Asperger syndrome. As some one with that. The betrayal isn’t that bad.

    She’s not perfect, but descent enough I guess. Data was better for this. But, she wasn’t bad. And hate to say it. I like Her and Hordack as a couple. Unlike the toxic romance of Catra and Snoora-Ra er She-Ra. I’ve been in some bad relationships, but…maaan. This is just a bad choice on She-ra’s part. Catra scratches her face. Almost destroyed the world. Just to Spite She-Ra. If not for Angila the would would be dead. When Double Trouble turns on her that should have been her fade off. And She-Ra of Earth Y found someone less…oy. Puerfuma and Scorpia make a cute couple. And yeah Scorpia is right Catra is a bad friend.

    Just oy. And though this isn’t real Double Trouble. Just Earth Y Double Trouble. I like them well enough. Mostly since they make fun of this show threw it. đŸ˜€ What no Sea Hawk? But him and Sea Ra are awsome together. Oh she’s really named Mermista. But, when they play D&D she calls herself Sea Ra. Kyle…oy. Your one openly gay male charcter is treated like…that. Hi Noel welcome to cringe ville. Poppulation you. Oy. Fine his Lizrd boy friend isn’t that bad…. Also if ya gonna do a rant on Organized religon like this She-Ra does… maybe read the Staling run of War Lock ware it’s done well and not… suttle as a sledge hammer. Hordack Prime is fine as a main villan if he doesn’t get nerfed alot as the show goes. And yeah Hordack beats him. Then She ra is re born threw the power of toxic romance …er Love. To use the Care Bear stair. Huntra like Net Tossa gets little to do. Save 2 shows. One ware she spairs Catra with a squart bottle to beat her. *sigh*. Also why doesn’r Glimore go to Cast a spella… ya know her aunt? And powerful mage in her own right. Why go to ShadowWaver? Yes Shadow Waver does save the day. But. oy. She a bit evil. Glad Glimore and Bo get togther explanes her weird actions at the Princess ball. One thing about the comic and not the tv show. Theres a fire emblim and Sea Hawk is not there to throw a boat at it.

    Sad. And While She-Ra of Earth Y will never live up to real She-Ra it has it’s moments. Yeah we’ll just have to agrea to disagree on this cartoon. The horse being the worse. Fine Madam Raz was an improvement. End seen. Can’t wait to hear the next pod cast.

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