Tough Like a Girl #57 – The Girl from the Sea

Lis and Vera follow a story of youth, love, gayness, and seals.

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4 responses to “Tough Like a Girl #57 – The Girl from the Sea

  1. Impressive podcast most impressive. Using the Dragon type and talk software again this time. My keyboard is still on the fritz. So hopefully this makes sense. This was kind of a cute story. And your work wasn’t half bad. Though if they’re using the Celtic mythology. Kind of weird that she named the protagonist Morgan. Justice are going in the Celtic myth and don’t think that would be the name I would go with. Maybe Rihanna. The story is relatable enough. The main character whose parents have divorced. The younger brother is acting up the mothers trying to make this work. And our protagonist leaves the house to just chill out for a bit. And into finding someone they fall in love with. Though usually one’s first love does not become the love of one’s life. There’s a reason they call it puppy love. But, it’s a trope that spin stories so we just go with it. Neuters girls look to be even high school age. Still look past that it’s kind of cute. Still I’m going to try not to get hung up on the fact that we have Celtic myth and a named the main character Morgan. And she’s brunette.

    Luckily they don’t have a cat in this story. Hopefully at some point Morgan doesn’t meet a new girl name Colleen O’Connell. And as he falls in love with Colleen. But, Colleen’s not interested. Maybe she’s straight and dating a boy named Dagda. Who is raised by his biker father named scar. And maybe Colleen has a big dog named Tyrone. I’d go on with thi having Morgan get a pet crow and reason she can dress up as an old woman. But, I realize I went a little for on that one. Any rate the Morgan of the story and the mermaid girl make a cute couple. Your work is good to storytelling seems fine. And that’s all I have to say about it. Yeah, no her wife did not create she Ra. She worked on a re vamp. Joe Michael Stravinsky helped create She Ra. Not one character save the earlier version of She Ra. Who’s killed off early in the show is a new character. Nothing against Noelle Stephenson, but she didn’t create that show. She just did a re vamp. That would be like saying John Byrne created super man. because of his 80s revamp of the character. Sorry. Moving along, in answer to the reaction Vera did on Council of geeks and about the eternal’s movie. That is Kro that Angelina Jolie’s his character is fighting. In the comics those two are dating. He still evil, but he does have his own code. That for whatever reason Thena is into.

    That would explain the expression Angelina Jolie’s house on her face in the cave. That does not look like the face of being tortured. But say what the expression looks like since you have a family show. Though that may change for the movie. He had his moments where he did the right thing. But mostly Kro was an evil bastard. I will probably skip that movie. Oh one more comment on the podcast, Vera how can you not like romance in stuff? The only disappointment I have about the Shang Chi movie is that Shawn a.k.a. Shang Chi and Katie don’t become a couple. From here karaoke scene is cool. And I will be watching it mostly for Aqua Fina. At some point she’d learned to close his mouth. He keeps saying stupid things. But, I hear the movie good. Oh and now I have proof I can wear a size 12. May be less on my twitter page I have me wearing a costume that is listed as size 10 to 14 and fits. Yes it’s sleeveless, but most of them are going to fit my 17th inch arms. Yes that is a heck of a call back. But, it took me a while to find proof. And if I can do martial arts in a dress it fits fine. And I was able to put it on the thought unzipping it.

    I realize most women hate that dresses don’t have pockets. I hate that most of them unzip or unbuttoned from the back. That is just un convenient. Said martial arts video is on my YouTube page. That’s Liz Anne Oswalt on YouTube. Or it will be shortly. Kind of surprised considering everything that happened and next month will be October yellow won’t be doing an Elvira comic. There are more than just the one she did for DC. But, she’s definitely on brand. At any rate can’t wait to hear the next podcast.

    1. While the meaning of the name Morgan is not completely clear, it seems to be Welsh in origin, with “mor” being Welsh for “sea.” (I only know this because Morgan pops up as a surname in my family tree). So, the Celtic origin of the name, even though it isn’t specifically Irish, and its connection to the sea may be the reason it was chosen for the protagonist. Then again, the character may just be named after a friend or family member of the author. Who knows?

      1. Cool thanx for the info. Though for what ever reason my mind always goes to The Morrígan of the Goddess Trio. When I hear it. Like her connection with Cú Chulainn. Hence the Collen joke. And the Scáthach bit. But. I may have opposed and said scar. But, hmm maybe the writer was going for the name meaning Sea as you say. A failing on my part I guess. My mind always goes to that myth or the character of Morgen from Dragon age. Though her mom is more the Morgen than her. Maybe my odd love of crows. Ah well. Opps.

  2. As someone of Celtic descent (both Welsh and Scotch-Irish) with an interest in the ocean (fisheries scientist and Aquaman fan), this story seems to check all the right boxes for me. I am familiar with the Irish folktales about selkies, and like the idea that the main characters diverge from the classic formula found in those tales. So, I’ll definitely be keeping an eye out for this book. I may even be able to interest my daughter in this one, given her love of mythology.

    Thank you for another excellent episode.

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