Tough Like a Girl #61 – Kyrra: Alien Jungle Girl

Lis and Vera travel to a far off planet to find cliche, tropes, and bad pacing. Oh joy.

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3 responses to “Tough Like a Girl #61 – Kyrra: Alien Jungle Girl

  1. Impressive podcast most impressive.This is Liz Anne Oswalt. Sorry this reply is late. I got busy this week. Work and what not. This seems like a decent enough comic. The artwork looks good. And look to different build to the women. The blue lady is an a cup. While our protagonist is a voluptuous build. As for the outfits. Now in the jungle that which you would wear. Unless you want her dress like a companion the blue creature next to her. I don’t see how a parka would be practical in the middle of a hot steamy jungle. It’s kind of like when people tell me a giant parka and sweatpants would be the greatest thing for fighting it. The great had this conversation. No. First let’s look at the UFC what are they were. Next let’s look at collegiate wrestling they were mostly a singlet. You’ll even note that Brazilian jujitsu as well as Japanese jujitsu. Have stopped wearing the Gi mostly. And switched to the rash guard and the leggings for bat lack of a better word that go with it..

    Look at that time to titers wearing spandex tight outfit. So that’s a real combatants in a sports fighting system using the tight costumes that every person on the Internet seems to say is impractical. Let’s see martial artists with black belts versus the opinions of people with an Internet connection. Whom do I think has a better knowledge of what we practical in a real fight. Let me think on this for a moment. Also what do pro boxers were in their sports fighting. I’m going to say the whole belief system that the Parker and sweatpants being more practical doesn’t really hold water. If we look at trained fighters. And when they choose to wear. The only time you see this so-called practical outfit worn by anyone in a fighting situation. Is in ceremonial things like GIs in traditional martial arts. Maybe military outfits as well.

    However home girl running through the forest would probably be wearing when she’s wearing. Are less than that. Since an overly long outfit would actually restrict movement. And she’s not in a cold area to wear extra clothing would be used to trap body heat. I’m not understanding the whole it’s more practical to where tons of clothes in a fight. You’ll notice most people take off their jackets were naked into fist fight. Instead of saying it’s more practical just say I want to see blob blah on characters. Because the practical aspect does not exist. Even tie boxers were simply shorts. So yeah the whole belief system that the skintight outfits or impractical in a fight have been disproven by people who are you know fighters. I’m pretty sure Eddie Bravo wouldn’t allow the students to where rash guards if they were impractical. Also I don’t remember Dan Severn going to the ring and sweatpants and a parka. If they were quoted quote practical I’m sure they would have used it.

    So hopefully that kills the whole the fan boys are mad about what they’re seeing things but here’s the practical thing that you would wear. Because it’s not practical. It’s a visual that some seem to not want to see. But, the evidence seems to be pointing in the opposite direction. Again Mike Tyson showing up to the ring in shoes and boxing shorts. Just saying. At any rate the artwork in this comic seems decent enough. Sorry to hear that the story was not that great and very trope heavy. It is what it is I guess. Still the artwork seems to do its job. Though the artist does seem to like to cut out backgrounds were not doing establishing shots. Not that I can say to much of that. Since it was one of the things I used to do. I also have this problem. Where I just put in the background enough to give you an establishing shot of where the characters. And then just kind of draw character.

    Still what it is it’s not bad. Oh well y’all ever review action force? Not the old-school English version of G.I. Joe. But the new toy line that has an comic. They have some decent female characters. And their third wave action figures will be from what I understand a mostly female waves. The first two were the male characters. Though one additional characters was going to make it into the first wave . However they didn’t get the funding for that. When they use crowdfunding. But, now that they’re back and they’re doing this without crowdfunding. They seem confident enough to attempt to put out a way that from what the man was saying with be mostly a few away. I say the man because this is as mom-and-pop’s as it gets. Bob V. the guy running the thing or it is an ex-Hasbro employee that used to design action figures for the G.I. Joe line. As well as Marvel legends.

    And now he struck out on his own. Even getting the rights to use Sgt. slaughter’s likeness for one of his action figures. I know at least one of the comics talks about one of the main female characters. Though her nor the other good gal other character interesting me. I am liking the third character he’s making called Pandora. I do know that they have comics for this. At any rate can’t wait to hear the next podcast. Sorry I didn’t have much to say about the comic you are reviewing. Though hey it’s in color. The artwork isn’t bad. Sorry to hear the storytelling was just okay. Sides she is waring more than Shana so there is that. The chosen one Story arc really only worked for me a few times. John Connor in Terminator. Though the focus is rarely a bout him. That was stupid they killed them off for the last Terminator movie . Also in Star Wars with Luke Skywalker following the archetype. And Darth Vader destroying the archetype becoming the villain. And then once again becoming a hero to save his son. And probably a few other instances. Though yeah it is a rather limited way of seeing things.And probably the best thing to happen the Babylon 5 is when they lost Sinclair and had to replace them. Thus removing the issue of the chosen one. Or the one not the one ,the one. It has also worked in King Arthur. Though self-made heroes are a lot more interesting. I would rather read about Batman Sherlock Holmes. Or someone like that trying to become something they’re interested in. Then someone who stumbled but backwards into it.
    Also it kind of works for Ben Cisco. Since the good Capt. seems to do his best to completely a void the archetype. And be a unique character in his own right.

  2. Opps sorry if I went off to much on the practical out fit thing. I’ve just heard it so many times, And it’s a disproven argument. And I had a rough week last week. Sorry my bad. Any way the art looks cool in the comic can’t wait to see what Ya’ll read next week.

  3. As a kid, I loved watching old Tarzan movies when they came on TV. As an adult, I realize that those movies (and the novels upon which they are based) are full of racist and sexist stereotypes. For example, the idea that Tarzan, despite the fact the he was raised by apes, is inherently good and noble, presumably because he is a white European male, is incredibly troubling. As a result, I tend to be cautious when approaching any story that uses the Tarzan-trope. Not having read the book myself, I don’t know how Kyrra: Alien Jungle Girl handled the themes of race and gender. The fact that Kyrra is a purple skinned (?) female is promising. That being said, the fact that (Princess) Kyrra’s speaks “proper” English, while Rollo and their people speak “broken” English, does raise a red flag.

    Out of curiosity, I tried to find out where the series went from here, but couldn’t find anything beyond this one TPB.

    Thanks for another incredible episode.

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