Tough Like a Girl #68 – The Sensational She-Hulk: Issues #1-5

Lis and Vera go back to the 1980s to see what happened when John Byrne decided to take She-Hulk and go for meta humor.

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6 responses to “Tough Like a Girl #68 – The Sensational She-Hulk: Issues #1-5

  1. Wow, this really takes me back. I was still collecting anything by John Byrne at this point, but that wasn’t the only reason I got into this series. I’d followed She-Hulk joining the Avengers then switching to the Fantastic Four, and that era made me a fan of her character. So this series was a no-brainer. Oddly, I’ve of two minds on it. One side nags that “they’re trying *too* hard to be funny, rather than simply being funny.” The other side says “dude, it’s comics, let yourself have fun!” It’s not deep, there’s no big story, just enjoying the weirdness that is Marvel Comics, acknowledging that yes She-Hulk is one of those weird things.

    Little follow-up: I *have* read Katie the Cat-sitter now, and it did not disappoint! Talk about fun!

    Following the follow-up: Just finished She-Hulk episode 2. Tatiana is killing it in the role, and I could watch it just for her. I’ll stay non-spoilery. I try not to get hung up on differences from the comics, but the law firm situation was more interesting in Dan Slott’s run than what they’re doing here. But I get it, different format, fewer stories to tell, maybe it’ll work out. Besides that, I’m liking it and looking forward to your takes.

    Fun show as always, my punchers!

  2. ‘Twas I who gave you the first eight issues of the series. After issue #8, Byrne quit, as he often tended to do back then, but returned to the book later when it was in the #30s. The series ran for 60 issues, so it sold well enough to last five years, but I think a lot of that was based on Byrne’s popularity. When he left again after issue #50, it didn’t last much longer.

  3. Thanks, Lis and Vera, for covering these. I had trouble getting the She-Hulk comic when it came out, though I loved the humor and the art when I saw it. I’m enjoying the show, so that makes this window into the source material that much more enjoyable. Now I’ll put the trades on my Christmas list!

  4. Sounds like Sensational She-Hulk would be a good way to introduce my daughter to the character, before we watch the new streaming series.

    Thank you for another incredible episode.

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