TreasuryCast Extra! – 13 Treasuries That Need To Be Re-Released


In this special bonus episode, Rob and EIC Dan Greenfield discuss the Top 13 Treasury Editions That Need To Be Re-Released!

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8 responses to “TreasuryCast Extra! – 13 Treasuries That Need To Be Re-Released

  1. I have seriously been going to In Stock Trades every day looking at that BATMAN: TALES OF THE DEMON hardcover and wondering if I should get it. On the one hand, it looks glorious; on the other, I just got a couple months ago almost all those stories in the SAGA OF RA’S AL GHUL four-issue miniseries that came out in the ’80s, so I don’t *need* the book. Certainly there are other things I could be buying right now…

    But damn…

    Great episode, guys. Always love to hear Dan talking about Batman.

    1. Ryan,

      The Tales of the Demon book has a Michael Golden drawn story and three Don Newton drawn stories that aren’t in the Saga of Ra’s Al Ghul issues. For the life of me, I can’t figure out why none of the Tales of the Demon collections don’t have the O’Neil/Aparo “The Crystal Armageddon” from Brave & the Bold 159.

      The best thing about the hardcover is that it does NOT have the “remastered” Neal Adams artwork where he redrew a bunch of stuff. The new hardcover also has the covers, which the TPB I have doesn’t. I have the one with the Brian Stelfreeze cover.

      I got the hardcover for a friend who only dabbles in reading, and wound up buying one for myself. As for not needing it, I have the treasury (where I first encountered the story), the Saga of Ra’s Al Ghul, the original TPB of Tales of the Demon, the new Hardcover, and all the original issues. Considering how many times I’ve bought it you really shouldn’t have any qualms about owning it twice. :)

  2. I owned the Dick Tracy, the Fortress, the Ra’s, theBatman/Hulk and Superman/Shazam treasuries. All lost to the purge.

    I’d love to get a second chance.

    And the Shazam one includes one of my faves Quarmm the Sand Superman! (BTW, I love that DCCP story as well!)

    Talk to you later. Going to make a rubber band slingshot with glass shard bullets from a hot water bottle and bottle of aspirin.

    1. I hate all the losses for you, Anj, but especially the Batman vs the Incredible Hulk treasury. That makes me sad. That is one of my favorite comics ever.

    2. I’ve still got a few treasuries: Fortress of Solitude was the only one I bought on the newsstand. As a longtime Dick Tracy fan, I guess it’s probably my favorite. The current Complete Dick Tracy hardcovers are just wonderful & currently nearing the end of Gould’s tenure in the 1970s. When will someone do a Dick Tracy podcast? I’m waiting!

  3. Nice list – can’t fault any of your choices, and a few of those would probably appear on my own list.
    One I’d also like to see reprinted in its full-sized glory is the Close Encounters of the 3rd Kind treasury by Goodwin and Simonson. And speaking of Simonson, I would mind a treasury-sized edition of X-men and New Teen Titans – that would be epic!

  4. Great article, and fun podcast! My only addition would be the other missing Treasury that almost was, “The Life Story of Superman” from Action #500. It was intended to be a treasury as well, but when Superman The Movie got pushed back from a summer to Christmas release, it suffered the fate of the DC Implosion that happened in between. We would have gotten the Superman The Movie Treasury special, Famous First Edition of Superman #1, and the definitive origin/story of the Earth-One Superman all in treasury format at the same time!


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