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Because you demanded it, it’s TreasuryCast, the podcast devoted to the greatest comics format of all time, the treasury edition!

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6 responses to “TreasuryCast – Promo

  1. Really looking forward to this series! I still have some of my original Treasury editions. I think my first was the issue devoted to Superman: The Movie. When I first really started collecting comic a as a kid I got my hands on the Fortress of Solitude issue and must have poured over that one a hundred times. As a longtime Dick Tracy fan I also devoured that edition covering the 1940s Flattop adventure. Maybe even more than the treasuries, I loved the DC Digests with all the various themes. I guess that’s where I learned about the DCU in detail.

  2. I’ll be honest here. Each new podcast on this network, even the ones that don’t initially sound appealing, ends up up being fantastic and a must listen. I’m a few dozen podcasts behind and can’t keep up, so can this please be the last new show for awhile? All of you go outside, get some fresh air or something.

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