Who’s Editing #16: Night of the Editors

Siskoid welcomes guest editor Steve Givens to take on issue 16 of Who's Who (Mr. Terrific to Nightmaster) and reinvent its heroic entries as an entirely new line of books. Siskoid does too, but goes off the rails into an alternate reality where Disney has purchased DC Comics!

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Theme: "Révolution" by Les Sherpas.

Bonus clips: "Also Sprach Zarathustra, Op. 30" by Strauss; Ron Marz talking to Sobrecapa YouTube channel in 2020.

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3 responses to “Who’s Editing #16: Night of the Editors

  1. Another fun episode! I love listening to the ideas both you Siskoid and your guests bring. The Amalgam universe seemed to make perfect sense given the entries here! Like Steve, I have a love of characters with shades of gray, usually good guys tempted to blur the lines to achieve their goal, or good guys trying to make amends for prior misdeeds. And I have to admit, when thinking of my own single pitch for this issue, my first thought was ‘Mon-El’s adventures in the Phantom Zone’. I would definitely read that book and glad someone else thought of it too.

    As for my new pitch:

    The Negative Beings
    Writer: Kelly Thompson
    Artist: Pere Perez

    Valentina Vostok is a ‘by the books’ Eastern European Interpol detective.
    Larry Trainor is a hotshot, sarcastic, bombastic pilot, usually called upon to do ‘off books’ missions.
    Neither really like each other, a sort of ‘oil and water’ situation.
    Both are bathed in odd radiation on a flight where he is to be taking her to her next mission.
    When they awaken, they realize that somehow a third entity, a negative being, can be housed in either of them. Sometimes it is within him, sometimes within her. It bestows on each of them slightly different powers. He can release the being so it can use radiation powers on its own. She can transform into an energy being who can fly and shoot beams. But neither can be more than 10 miles away from the other, tethered by the shared being.
    The joint governments realize they must unite Vostok and Trainor as a black ops team, utiliziing their human skills and the shared being’s abilities.
    Thrown together, the two start to have feelings for the other. But both wonder, is it true feelings, or somehow the negative being bringing them together for its own purpose?

    Think Moonlighting meets Steed/Peel Avengers meets Doom Patrol. The idea of the merged being of Rebis will always be side-referenced played on as the mystery deepens.

      1. My friends always say ‘why do you collect so many comics about busted-down martial artists?’

        But yes, 5YL is probably another great example.

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