Done-in-One Wonders Episode #5: Rise of the Legion of Xum Gallery

This is Professor Adrian Zoom. Following are antiquated digitized images excerpted from the historical record amusingly referred to as THE FLASH v1 issue 225. What was the term for that archaic method again…? Oh, yes: “Click” each image for a larger view. And be sure to leave your notations of adulation for the new management of this improved podcast by… “clicking” here.


I knew that was not what Iris (who looks much better with her hair down) had said…


Such an impressive menace for our two heroes… obviously an extremely brilliant mind was behind it.


Just doing my part as a… concerned citizen.


A fair compensation for my assistance… am I right?


How insidiously clever -- and shrewd -- of Jordan. My compliments.


What a spectacular outcome to my humble request! If only I had seen it in person…


This was only the start of my humiliation…


An understandable mistake… given the heat of the moment!