Zorro Month Promo

August is Zorro Month here at the Fire & Water Podcast Network!

To honor the 101st anniversary of Zorro, we here at Fire & Water are producing several episodes celebrating The Fox and his appearances in various media!

  • The Mirror Factory - focusing where the legend began in the novel by Johnston McCulley originally entitled, “The Curse of Capistrano!”
  • FWPresents - looking at el Zorro’s publication history in the realm of comic books
  • Film & Water - discussing the classic 1940 film, “The Mark of Zorro” with Tyrone Power
  • DigestCast - examining the Zorro comic digests from PaperCutz
  • FWPresents - celebrating the classic 1950’s Disney Zorro television series starring Guy Williams

All shows available on Apple Podcasts, Stitcher, Spotify, Google Podcasts, and our website.

Carve out some time to celebrate Zorro Month with us this August on the Fire & Water Podcast Network!

These podcasts are proud members of the FIRE AND WATER PODCAST NETWORK:

12 responses to “Zorro Month Promo

  1. Captain Esteban Pasquale:
    His Excellency will never forgive me if I let you go without a word of welcome from him. I’m quite sure that you’ll save me a reprimand.

    Don Diego Vega:
    How could I refuse a man anything with a naked sword in his hand?

    1. This is all your fault, Sontaron!! As a Patreon sponsor at the SUPER FRIENDS level, you suggested we cover The Mark of Zorro 1940 movie. We got so excited by that concept, it ballooned into this. It’s all your fault… and we’re THANKFUL! We love Zorro and have had a blast doing these episodes!

  2. I saw Zorro, The Gay Blade theatrically. I think my mom must have really liked Love at First Bite because we watched that a fair few times on TV, but even my grandmother went to Zorro, so maybe she was into George Hamilton?

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