For All Mankind #26

Rob and returning Super Friend Chris Franklin review "The Wonder Twins' Battle of Wits" by E. Nelson Bridwell, Ramona Fradon, and Bob Smith, from SUPER FRIENDS #26! Plus Listener Feedback!

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11 responses to “For All Mankind #26

  1. Hello Rob and Chris, greetings from snowy NJ!

    I have to start this post discussing both sets of Jr. Super Friends. As you’ve both stated, the comic treated them much better than the cartoon did. I always appreciated that they were portrayed in ways to show they actually had brains.

    Since joining a Facebook Super Friends group, I’ve met a few members who (like Rob) preferred Wendy & Marvin to Zan & Jayna, so you are not alone, Rob! It was great to see them come back, even for a brief cameo. Ramona did a wonderful job aging them look like young adults. Remember, in issue #9, they both left to go to college.

    As a huge Wonder Twins fan, I will admit this issue gave me mixed feelings. While I enjoyed seeing the twins using their brains and not being fooled, it would’ve been nice to see them actually use their powers on panel.

    Regarding your comments about sharing our stories of where we found comics, I think that’s a great idea, and if this happens, I would be happy to share the story of the first comic I ever bought.


  2. Awesome issue, Awesome podcast! I too loved this issue, you have good taste Chris! I am not reading ahead so I have not read these since they first came out but when I started reading it last night I was like “Oh! I remember this one!!” Hard to forget the high heeled Batman!
    A few other notes
    – I too am very dubious of the “gadgets”
    – I loved the scene where the crooks unmask – fantastic contrast that Ramona made (and I can hear the smokey voice on faux-WW too!!)
    – I enjoyed the cameo from Marvin & Wendy
    – No idea where the Riddler image is from. I seem to recall him holding a cross word but this one doesn’t ring any bells.

    I think my favorites though were the “corresponding” splash pages with bad guys and good guys! A close 2nd are the “corresponding” Batman kicks! Great art and effects! I loved how they mirrored each other and it definitely is unusual for SF!

    Thanks fellas – a lot of fun!

  3. I CAN see Luthor’s gaget not being the biggest secret a MANY luthor weapons (or bases) are HUGE he had help building them. B SUPERMAN SMASHED a lot of those weapons,somebody got spare parts, may even somebody who wrote up a report. or luthor talks in his sleep?

  4. Another great episode – but that’s to be expected with Chris as the guest.

    I can echo every statement about this issue. It’s one of the best of the series.

    I’ll be the first to admit that I love super villains and liked to see them – especially in the Super Friends comic,
    but this story shows how effective ‘regular’ non-super powered villains can be when written well.

  5. Another great episode talking about another issue I bought at the time, right off the rack.

    The cover is pretty dynamic but even young Anj knew that Batman didn’t wear heels like that. But the inside story of people imitating all the Super Friends was fascinating. It is a little surprising it took the boot to make the Twins suspicious. Does that mean Wits can imitate Batman’s voice? That the other crooks are Super Friends lookalikes? I suppose this was a time where the lookalike plot was common.

    I have to agree that the page of the crooks killing the ‘Batman’ in his wingback chair is pretty violent for this book. But a grenade? Really? Won’t that kill everyone.

    Is it me or does Johnny Wits in panel two of page 6 look a little like John Astin?

    Lastly, I have talked of my fondness for Wendy and how Jayna is closing the gap. Here we have them head to head. I gotta say, Jayna in that panel with Gleek is pretty fetching. Hmmm ….

    Thanks again for a great episode. Looking forward to the next one already.

  6. It’s happened again. The high heel bat boots. The full page assassination of Bruce Wayne. Jayna’s Super Friends charm bracelet. Like Super Friends #19, I think this is another issue that I’ve read before. I obviously have more of a history with this book than I ever realized, and that scares me. What other events from my past have I forgotten. Do I have a criminal record? Do I have another wife and child somewhere? Do I have millions of dollars stashed away in a forgotten Swiss bank account? Perhaps, the graphic image on page 11 led young me to block the entire series from my memory.

    Thanks for another amazing episode, and for the best existential crisis that I’ve had in years. Now, I’m excited to see if there are any other issues that I’ve read before.

  7. Great episode, guys. I enjoy this podcast every month and always am glad when Chris is on either as a guest or For All Merchkind. I bought most of the issues back when they came out so the images you post always bring back great memories from decades ago.

    By the way I think this is the only cover of Superfriends on which there is no image of Superman (or at least an image of an imposter or duplicate of Superman). So that kind of makes this issue unique.

    Thanks for a great discussion as usual!

  8. With all their mighty powers, albeit simulated, the ultimate undoing of the Super Frauds was Johnny Witts’ sus Uggs. That’s the genius lunacy I come to Super Friends hoping to find. The part that tickles me most, though, is at the end of this adventure which heavily involves those ubiquitous convincing rubber masks (all the cool kids’ve got one, I hear). Johnny watches two randos mosey in, appearing to be the Fleming siblings, for no reason other than to show him that Zan and Jayna aren’t them. Yes. This would only work if Johnny unfathomably forgets right then that people can wear rubber masks and impersonate other people. But sure, I’ll buy it. Because genius lunacy.

  9. Great jobs, fellas! It’s always a pleasure to hear Chris join Rob, because it’s clear you both love the Super Friends so much!
    As for this issue, I remember this comic for not only the cover color scheme (light green background really makes THE Batman pop!) but also for the “hook” of trying to figure out how the Wonder Twins knew this guy wasn’t the legit Caped Crusader. I’m a sucker for puzzles and quizzes, so I distinctly remember staring at this cover until I noticed Johnny’s disco boots. THEN I read the story. 😉
    I also remember it for its violence and for OMG Wendy and Marvin! I LOVED seeing Wendy and Marvin again. I’m sorry that they never came back again.

  10. Great issue and great episode from two of the network founders. I remember the issue, but I had no idea the villain was truly a recurring one. All the junior Super Friends acquitted themselves well.

    As Li’l Cap’n E, I was so pleased with myself when I figured out the clue like Anj and Russell did. Looking at that cover now, I think my self-congratulation was unwarranted. Ramona telegraphed it hard. She knew her audience, I guess.

    Waiting (im)patiently for the reappearance of the Overlord!

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