For All Mankind #38 – Gallery

Images for SUPER FRIENDS #38! Leave your comments over on the podcast post by clicking here!

Remember, please leave your comments over on the podcast post by clicking here!

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2 responses to “For All Mankind #38 – Gallery

  1. Thank you for discussing the Seraph backup feature. I didn’t realize there was such a religious connection. I’ll be lookout for this issue now.
    Even though Yom Kippur was discussed during the podcast, I don’t think the connection between the holiday and the story’s title was clearly made.
    Looking forward to next month’s episode.

  2. And the world just keeps expanding. Both your guest host were great as always and did a wonder full job. And getting the history and learn more about a religion. I’ve only seen talked in couple of holiday specials one featuring the Rugrats and the other staring lamb chop . Another wonder full show. Also a quick question:
    1. Will Saturday morning fever ever cover the s.w.a.t. Kats or two stupid dogs ?


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