For All Mankind #39

Rob and Super Friend Devin Clancy review "The Future Son of Overlord" by E. Nelson Bridwell, Ramona Fradon, and Vince Colletta and "The Boogie Mania Will Get You" by Bridwell, Romeo Tanghal, and Colletta from SUPER FRIENDS #39! Plus Listener Feedback!

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13 responses to “For All Mankind #39

  1. The highlight of this insane issue was showing Aquaman working with Zan and Jayna. It wasn’t integral to the story, but made for a nice transition when Batman and Robin were walking in instead of everyone just sitting around.

  2. Since it came up, I recall waking up quite early on Saturday mornings to watch cartoons, like before 7 a.m. sometimes. Yes, there were cartoons on that early, but I’m pretty sure those were syndicated reruns presented by the local affiliate – I specifically remember catching cartoons from earlier years in that time slot. I think the ‘official’ network cartoons started at 8 a.m.
    Good show, otherwise. Devin is a fine guest; I also enjoyed his digressions and now I’m thinking that there’s another reason it’s too bad there’s less than a year’s worth of these Super Friends issues left. Devin, you’ll just have to find a way to appear on one of Rob’s nineteen other shows on this network…

  3. Thanks for a great episode, Rob and Devin, as a one of many massive Overlord fans, I loved this issue. And yes, this was definitely one of the best Super Friends covers, if not the best. I don’t think that comic cover Bats is reading represented any particular Mystery in Space, as none of them seem to have had boxed cover images… Funnily enough, there was a Super Friends Mystery in Space comic, published decades later in 2010.

    Did you spot the lettering error? Superman and the civilian share the word balloons on page 2, panel 2.

    It’s really clever, Overlord being inspired by one of Superman’s nicknames, Man of Tomorrow – if he’d been thinking ‘Last Son of Krypton’ there’d have been no clones.

    Check out page 15, panel 4 is ‘kibitzer ‘ really a word Aquaman would use?

    Good on Jerry Serpe, by page 11 he’s apparently so sick of the lack of backgrounds – thank you Vince Colletta – that he’s adding interest with bursts of colour. He seems to have saved all his energy for the back-up… maybe he was into discos.

    Regarding said back-up, I like the Wonder Twins getting more creative with their powers.

    ‘Shocking to see bollixed’ used by one of the hoods on page 7 – we know he means bollocks. How rude!

  4. Hello Devin – welcome to the podcast. You were great!

    Hearing you talk about not knowing different comics books artists reminded me that when I first started getting comics and would read the letters pages I would hear people talk about different artists and their art styles. In the beginning I couldn’t tell the difference between the artists at all.
    I remember distinctly however, when I started to read The Flash it was drawn by Don Heck. A few issues in – the book went to 50 cents and they added a back-up feature starring Firestorm, drawn by George Perez. THAT taught me how different two comic book artists could be!

    For the Wonder-Twins story I think instead of the title “The Boogie MaNia Will Get You” it should have been called “The Boogie MaFia Will Get You”.
    Hearing you talk about not serving alcohol to teens and how the club would go out of business made me think back to all of the times when I used to go to “Under 21” clubs and pay a cover charge of $5, $10, $15 and even sometimes $20 to get in. THAT’S the answer to how they made their money!

  5. I didn’t have this one so great to hear about it and read it. The Overlord is insane and Futurio is a bit awkward looking. I can’t wait to see how the Overlord saga ends. A few more comments.

    Aquaman swimming in Zan is … weird. I hope Zan doesn’t ever feel a part of his ‘pool’ suddenly feel warmer. Brrrr …

    I actually like the Wonder Twins story more, if only for the nostalgia of the Disco craze in America. Check out all the background details and dancers. Vince Colletta must love Donna Summer for him to put in all that effort! The Disco itself looks like it should be called the Ditko Disco with all those decorations. Looks like a nightmare dimension!

    And great to hear Devin! Hope we hear him on other shows on the network!

  6. Loved the episode! Devin was a great guest and I hope to hear him on more Fire and Water shows.

    Back on your episode regarding issue 24, I commented how I must have had that issue as a child because I had memories and certain panels and lines of dialogue. Just yesterday, I came across a box of old comics. Tucked in amongst issues of Little Archie, Archie’s Joke Book, Jughead, and Richie Rich were three issue of The Super Friends. Specifically, issues 24, 42, and the last issue 47. I knew I had a few issues back in the day and it was awesome to find them again. Now I will be sure to re-read them before you cover them, Rob.

  7. Great show great guest .
    Have to say Zan should maybe get some boxing training from wild cat . Before you go off and play the part of David minus the sling shot .
    Also where and when did Robin get a sling shot ?

    The disco story was fun but you know how it could have bin better . The is more dogs . If it had bin Wendy and Marvin with wonder dog then it really would have that scooby doo flavor. And some one make a disguise for bleep he beat the time trapper . Bleep could have pulled a detective chimp and solved the case solo . Sorry if got the monkeys name wrong .
    Also how come we never see ace or krypto in super friends ?

  8. Devin brought up some great points for discussion, such as: Does the Super Friends comic take place on Earth-One? Well, ENB thought it did, but I think he was really the only one. I THINK someone asked Bob Rozakis this in an “Ask the Answer Man” column, and I believe he cheekily said it took place on Earth-1A. That’s how I look at it. All the events in the Earth-One continuity happen on the Super Friends reality, but the Super Friends team, the Wonder Twins, etc, don’t really exist in the “proper” Earth-One continuity. For the most part. But then you have Superman knowing the Global Guardians when he teams with them, etc.

    New Teen Titans does seem to be where the real divide begins. It’s hard to imagine Ramona Fradon’s Robin waking up shirtless in his pajama bottoms, while Starfire is wearing his PJ shirt!

    As I’ve gotten older, and the DC Universe has become the incomprehendible mess it is, the more I think Hypertime is the answer. It’s all real. Unless you don’t want it to be!

  9. Word to the wise – Ollie’s is selling DC Omnibuses – I picked up Super Friends volume 2 this morning so I’m all set through the end of this podcast. Although I hope Rob finds some way to extend it. I hate when a good podcast ends.

  10. I’ve been waiting so long for the return of the Overlord and the appearance of Futurio! This comic is where I learned about the noble gases. “Krypton” was a word before Siegel and Shuster? My mind was blown!

    Anyway, this was a great episode, Rob and Devin, worthy of what I remember as epic material. As far as the consistency of Robin’s characterization — I think I’ve mentioned before that my older brother was a teenager when I was reading these. He seemed to scale up or down in age or sophistication, depending on expectations. He was a leader with his friends and a very junior partner with our Dad. But if he was hanging out with me, he might lay on the floor and watch TV. So I never saw any discontinuity with Robin.

    Eagerly awaiting Futurio’s future bros!

  11. Oh, and I’m super pleased our conversation last month was so well-received. Thanks for letting me play and especially for inviting Henry! I wish you had added your comments in with the feedback, Rob. Believe it or not, you’re actually the talent here. We like you, and your opinion is interesting to us. It’s even true of Shag, but we all make sure not to tell him.

  12. Great show, Rob and Delvin. What a great issue for any kid who is really into pages and pages of a scientist’s inner monologue. I know that’s what I’m looking for in a comic! I’m not sure why Overlord works out of a futuristic laundromat, but at least this way he can clean his fuzzy cape while he’s growing evil babies. It’s a bummer congress won’t vote to fund his research, but fear not, Overlord, I’m sure that money is earmarked for plenty of other villainous plans.

    The Aquaman “training session” with Greg and Marsha Brady was certainly different. When swimming inside one of your teammates, maybe “Can you pick up my thoughts” isn’t the best thing to say in a kid’s comic.

    I’ve already harped on the Hall of Justice security in the past, but come on, Super Friends! You can’t let HGH Vincent Price just stroll right in and dog-walk all five of you without at least an alarm going off. The modern doorbell is safer. And then, he does it again! This 12-feet tall guy just walks right through the parking lot and back inside the HQ. By the way, whose cars are in the parking lot? I think everyone has their own ride.. does Aquaman drive to work? And did the Super Friends just casually kill Futurio? It’s a little ambiguous, but they did remove his ability to breath. And how will they dispose of a body that big? Form of an ice axe and a giant vulture!

    I don’t have much to say about the Hansel and Gretel backup story, other than when I was in high school, there was an under-21 dance club in Lancaster, PA called Rick’s Place. It was pretty cheesy, but I asked a lot of girls to dance there with varying results. I definitely owe Rick’s Place for overcoming my fear of rejection.

  13. Many thanks to Rob and Devin on this episode. Issues #47 is looming, and I’m going to miss this podcast once it’s over.

    Regarding the Earth-1 debate, I was always in the camp of “Super Friends” is Earth -1 continuity, and I’ve run into other comic fans online who share that opinion, so I think it’s more prevalent that most would believe.

    It’s funny how you can revisit something from your childhood, and realized all the things you overlooked. I remember liking this issue as a kid, but re-reading it for this podcast, I realized what Rob and Devin had mentioned, how many elements could’ve been their own story, and how it was all crammed into one.

    So Overlord can clone, advance the clones by centuries, and age them rapidly. Someone like this could give Lex Luthor an inferiority complex.

    Interesting to hear you both enjoy seeing Zan attempt to take on Futurio, I thought it was rather stupid, a teen boy, unpowered, going after someone in a physical manner, who had defeated Superman, Wonder Woman, and Aquaman.

    While seeing Aquaman and Jayna swimming in Zan was weird, I did like seeing the twins get a training session with a senior hero.

    The Wonder Twins solo was a fave for me, just to see how the twins related to each other and other teens. One suggestion I had seen made a few times in the letter column, but was never followed up on, was to have other teen heroes make guest appearances in the Wonder Twins stories. I wish that had happened.

    See ya next month!


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