Mountain Comics #8 – Captain America #263


The legendary J.M. DeMatteis joins Rob to talk about his story "The Last Movie", from Captain America #263,  drawn by Mike Zeck and Frank McLaughlin!

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8 responses to “Mountain Comics #8 – Captain America #263

  1. There was going to be a Marvel Treasury Edition featuring Reb Brown? I’m now heart sick. Yeah, those movies are bad, but I love them anyway…and so does my daughter for some reason!

    The DeMattteis/Zeck run was my true introduction to Cap comics proper, and what a great run to come in on! Newstand distribution dogged me getting every issue, but I hunted for it every month. Their work assured Cap’s position as my favorite Marvel hero as well.

    I can’t agree more with Mr. DeMatteis’ estimation of Cap’s character, and the idea that comics help us keep that kid inside us alive. That kid is the most pure, honest version of ourselves, and I for one agree that it’s very important to stay in touch with that. They’ll rarely stir you wrong.

    Very intrigued by this animated project he spoke of. He was behind the pen of many of the best episodes of Justice League Unlimited and Batman: The Brave and the Bold, so I know this has to be good!!!

    Always a pleasure to hear him on the network. I hope to meet him at a con one day to thank him for the years of entertainment he’s given me.


  2. “Roger [Stern] is the great unsung hero of ’80s Marvel. There is hardly a book at Marvel that he touched that wasn’t just superb.” – J.M. DeMatteis on FW Presents: Mountain Comics Ep. 8 (QFT).
    Just had to include that, since it’s pertinent to the last few comments I’ve posted here recently.

    And now on to business: wonderful episode, I thoroughly enjoyed your conversation with Mr. DeMatteis! It was really interesting to listen to his thoughts on Captain America, and on comics in general. His run on Cap was really one of the best, I particularly liked how he continued to develop the supporting cast that was fleshed out during Stern’s run – that made for some nice character moments (like in this one issue in which Steve, Sam (Falcon) and one of the guys in the rooming house where Steve lives go out and get drunk together).
    I’m also intrigued by some of the upcoming projects he mentioned, as well as some of the stuff I missed, especially Savior 28.

  3. That’s twice in 12 months that JM has been on this network. (BIG SMILE!)

    I wasn’t buying Cap during the JM/Zeck run, but I recently read in on the Marvel Unlimited app. Thoroughly enjoyed it. Lots of fun to hear Rob’s love for this issue.

    Thanks for another great episode, Rob!

  4. So it looks like the the “vertigo” project that J.M. DeMatteis is doing is Constantine. Should be coming out net year as a cartoon in the Arrowverse.

  5. J.M. DeMatteis is such a fantastic guest!! A serious class act. Loved hearing his thoughts on this story and the patriotic implications for the direction he was planning. Wow!

    This episode was a real treat and a real joy to listen to!!

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