Mountain Comics #33 – Power Man and Iron Fist #75


Mountain Comics returns just before the end of the season for one last episode! Rob welcomes comics pro Jo Duffy to the cabin to discuss POWER MAN AND IRON FIST #75 by Duffy, Kerry Gammill, and Ricardo Villamonte!

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15 responses to “Mountain Comics #33 – Power Man and Iron Fist #75

  1. Thank you for a wonderful episode, I was lucky enough to be able to find Power Man/Iron Fist monthly on UK newsstands, and loved it. Issue 75 was a particular gem, from the amazing Bob Larkin cover to the story and art by Mary Jo Duffy, Kerry Gammill, Ricardo Villagran and the rest of the creative team. What a lovely surprise to have Mary Jo on a bonus episode of one of my favourite shows.

    That Hercules story Mary Jo mentioned doing with Ricardo Villagran turned out to be Marvel Treasury Edition #24 starring the Incredible Hulk. That’s not been the subject of a Treasurycast yet – that’s great news, maybe Mary Jo will make a return appearance on the networks and talk about Welcome to the Hotel Macedonia (love it!).

    Mary Jo’s story about having to leave the book – what a terrible business, especially the whispers to her and Denys Cowan… that series didn’t need a new writer. I’m just so grateful that we got the great run we did. And that after having to fight sexism to get the book. I hope we get more stories by Mary Jo soon.

    What a lovely story of your long ago encounter with Mary Jo, Rob… a little kindness and grace can do more than make your day, it can change your life.

  2. Rob, when I saw the topic was Power Man & Iron Fist #75, I was happy, cause I bought that comic off the stands and loved it. When I saw the guest host was Jo Duffy, my eyes popped out of my head and bounced back in like I was in a cartoon. Truly, my friend, you have obtained a superb guest, and I look forward to enjoying the show!

  3. Well, there may not have been many mountain comics shows this year, but they lacked in quantity they more than made up in quality – esp. after this episode.
    It’s always great to hear Jo Duffy talk about comics and her time at Marvel, and I just love that you covered this issue, which is my single favorite issue of PM & IF and sort of the crown jewel of Duffy’s run as writer. And It just so happens that my very first issue of PM/IF was also the first one Duffy wrote, #56 – I became a regular reader after that, and I still think her run is the sweet-spot for that series.
    As for the specific story here, one thing that fascinated me was the reference to earlier stories that appeared in the Iron Fist solo material from Marvel Premiere and his solo series. It created the impression of a deep history which I really appreciated as a kid.
    By the way, in case anyone is interested in listening to a more wide-ranging interview with Duffy, you should check out Scott Edelman’s episode of Eating the Fantastic from earlier this year in which he talks to Duffy. Highly recommended.

  4. Yay! Another surprise Mountain Comics! I have to echo Mr Bosnar in the sentiment of quality over quantity this year! And WOW! A surprise guest as well!
    Jo Duffy!!!! Mind blown!
    I must confess I didn’t read much Power Man & Iron Fist back in the 80s (even though Iron Fist himself warned that Power Man was in a tear over people not reading their book in those great house ads). The dozen or do issues of PM & IF we’re given to me by my dad over the years specifically because he knew I didn’t follow the book, and therefore he wouldn’t be buying comics I didn’t already have.
    Again… wow… hadn’t thought about that in decades. This is why I love this show. The memories!
    Thank you!

  5. The last time I met up with Rob before the pandemic was for the Boston Fan Expo, where I found a treasure trove of cheap old black & white industry magazines of the sort that never turn up in Texas. I bought so many that I had to abandon a bunch of clothes and my old Diabolu mask to fit them in the luggage. For the flight home, I brought a few in my carry-on bag. The only one I specifically remember reading was a magazine from the early ’80s, possibly a pre-snooty Comics Journal, maybe with a Kevin Nowlan X-Men cover, but definitely spotlighting an extensive Mary Jo Duffy interview that I relished. Poetic then that the only comics podcast I had downloaded for my first vacation plane ride since the pandemic surprised me with a delightful Duffy reprise.

    I grew up with Power Man and Iron Fist, and all my Black buddies picked it up. A great comic book is its own reward, but to have one popular enough to be published consistently with that caliber of quality was an exceptionally precious gem. Shame then when it took a dip and became less reliably circulated, sometime after Duffy and Kerry Gammill departed the title. Again, it’s a drag when any comic loses its way, but sometimes there are greater cultural consequences than can be appreciated by, say, a misguided supposed liberal ally with highly questionable ethics with regard toward the stewardship of appointed authority.

    Anyway, excellent company on my trip. Thanks!

    1. Didn’t know there was a pre-snooty Comics Journal, Frank (although the interviews are still good in the snooty version). Thanks for the tip!

  6. What a fantastic episode, Rob! I loved the interview with the fantastic and lovely Mary Jo Duffy! I also enjoyed little Rob’s origin story with Ms. Duffy. I would have thought the same thing as a 6-year-old, if I had a drawing to give them. “Maybe Marvel will like this so much, they will give me free comics!” (free comics much better than a job drawing comics for a 6-year-old).

    It was a shame to hear how Ms.Duffy got forced off the book and, hopefully, she will be able to write the characters again some day. If she wanted to, I would love to see her write some more Star Wars comics!

    Mountain Comics is so much fun and makes me flash back to great memories of my vacationing comics. Keep up the great work!

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