Who’s Who Special – The Aquaman Family


In this Who's Who "best of" special, we present all the classic character entries featuring members of the Aquaman Family--Aquaman, Aqualad, Mera, Black Manta, Ocean Master, and more!

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12 responses to “Who’s Who Special – The Aquaman Family

  1. Great recap episode your Who’s Who podcast is terrific. One point of correction: discounting the Crisis, Ocean Master did face other heroes.
    He battled Batman in Brave and the Bold 82 and Superman in DC ComicS Presents 5.

  2. Nice recap episode. It’s also great to hear how Shag and Rob’s relationship evolves as the entries progress.

  3. That was a fun clip show. I’m not sad that the Craig Hamilton Aquaman suit didn’t catch on, it had a purpose in the mini but is too faffy and off-colour for Arthur to use often; the design works in red for Garth, though.

    Marine Marauder 2? Outsiders nonsense, remove her from this podcast!

  4. I enjoyed the show. I’ve always liked Black Manta’s visual, and he had such a cool voice on Super Friends.

    As for Ocean Master, I think my first exposure to him wasn’t in a comic book. For some reason, I missed his appearance in DCCP #5. I got the first four issues in a Whitman three pack, but according to Mike’s, there wasn’t a Whitman version of #5. That may be why I didn’t get a copy of it until years later.

    I first saw Ocean Master in the Superman Match 2 game that came out in the late 1970s. I liked his visual, too, for some reason. Hey, Aquaman did get a villain into the game. I think Heat Wave was the only one of Flash’s rogues that made the game. Obviously, since it was a Superman game, several of his rogues and supporting characters were present, as were Batman’s “Big Four” from the 1966 TV show. I got the game for Christmas one year, and, yes, I still have it. This is a picture of it I found online.


    The Dave Stevens Dolphin drawing is gorgeous and made me wonder who she was. I only saw her in the DCCP and Action stories with the Forgotten Heroes. In several interview, Dave’s ex-wife, scream queen Brinke Stevens, said Dave often drew her figure and stuck someone else’s head on it. That is what the Dolphin drawing looks like to me. Strangely, on Dave’s Who’s Who Catwoman piece, Catwoman’s face actually looks like his ex-wife, but the Selina face looks nothing like her.

  5. I have to admit I’ll never catch up on the original episodes of this podcast. The SHAME IS REAL! So I’m grateful for these occasional “best of” clip shows. Thumbs up!

  6. I enjoy these clip shows, and it has made me a bit more curious about the Aquaman family in general. Especially with the movie coming up, what’s a good trade to start on if I wanted to read some good Aquaman stories?

  7. The hatred was real in the early Who’s Who episodes. Now it’s only mostly real.

    Seriously, it’s fun to go back and hear how deliberately argumentative Shag was back then. Rob still hasn’t forgotten it.



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