A Marvelous Anniversary Part 5: Jungle Terror

Continuing the week-long Fire and Water Podcast event celebrating the third anniversary of the FW Network and the 80th anniversary of MARVEL COMICS #1. This episode, Mortimer Claptrap reviews the fifth story in Marvel Comics, "Jungle Terror" by Arthur Pinajian (credited as "Tomm Dixon").

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Additional music this episode: "The Merry Marvel Marching Society Fight Song", composed by Jacques Urbont; Theme from "Green Hell" and "Universal Pictures Signature No. 3", composed by Frank Skinner.

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9 responses to “A Marvelous Anniversary Part 5: Jungle Terror

    1. In my head-cannon, I now imagine that Ken Masters is the pilot that Namor tosses out of the airplane at the end of The Sub-Mariner story. Ken was flying back to the Amazon to liberate more diamonds from the “savages.”

  1. A most excellent radio play that covers and deconstructs this jungle adventure. I listened to it twice.

    In two days: More problematic jungle adventure! Fire and Water, we’ve got it all!

  2. That story was wrong in so many ways. Is it just me or does it look like some of the “savages” are depicted as having horns on their heads!? In particular, I’m looking at the page where the “heroes” are being chased to the airplane.

    Regardless of the story’s quality, your coverage of it was thing of beauty. Well done.

  3. I’ll echo pretty much everyone else here to say well-done, Xum. I thoroughly enjoyed the retelling of the story in the form of yet another comic-booky narrative superimposed over it.
    And I particularly loved your voice for Crafton. Again, great job!

  4. Great job, Xum! Is Mortimer Claptrap a distant relative of P.J. Frightful? These kind of stories seem to work better when the protagonists are ducks.

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