Fire and Water Records: A VERY DALY HALLOWEEN Volume 1

Put your costume on and grab your candy bag, because Fire and Water Records presents the first spooktacular edition of A Very Daly Halloween! The brothers Neil and Ryan share memories of the Halloween season, along with thirteen of their favorite Halloween-themed songs. It's skele-TONS of fun! (That's an actual lyric!!)

Track list:

  1. "This is Halloween" by Marilyn Manson
  2. "Season of the Witch" by Donovan
  3. "The Crypt Jam" by The Crypt Keeper
  4. "Red Right Hand" by Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds
  5. "Moondance" by Van Morrison
  6. "Monster" by Kanye West featuring Jay-Z, Nicki Minaj, and Rick Ross
  7. "Time Warp" by Little Nell, Patricia Quinn, and Richard O'Brien
  8. "The Headless Horseman" by Kay Star
  9. "That Old Black Magic" by Louis Prima & Keely Smith
  10. "I Put a Spell On You" by Screamin' Jay Hawkins
  11. "Get Down Goblin" by Jan Teri
  12. "I'm Your Boogie Man" by KC and the Sunshine Band
  13. "Thriller" by Michael Jackson

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Additional music this episode: "Trick or Treat for Halloween" by The Mellowmen.

Thanks for listening and Happy Holidays!

25 responses to “Fire and Water Records: A VERY DALY HALLOWEEN Volume 1

  1. Great episode, as always. Now I want a Thanksgiving playlist from you guys. C’mon, it can’t be too difficult a task for the Daly Brothers!

    When A Very Daly Halloween vol 2 rolls around I highly expect to hear “Are You Ready for Freddy” by The Fat Boys or “A Nightmare on My Street” by DJ Jazzy Jeff & the Fresh Prince. I mean, those are CLASSICS! Well, sorta.

    Also, personally, I would LOVE to hear “What Should I Be?” and/or “Scaredy Cat” from the special Garfield’s Halloween Adventure that you two mentioned. I would dare say I actually prefer this special to It’s the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown and will forever hold it up as the second best Garfield special (A Garfield Christmas being #1, obviously).

    1. I had “A Nightmare on My Street” on my list, Clinton, but I figured “The Crypt Jam” covered us for that type of song… for this year. There is a good chance it’ll make the list next year.

      I also love the Garfield Halloween special, and yeah, I probably like it better than Charlie Brown. “What Should I Be?” is great (I memorized that at a young age and never forgot it). I almost used that as the intro theme but went with the “Trick or Treat” music from the Donald Duck special instead.

      So we’re both on the same page and there’s a good chance you’ll hear some of these next year!

  2. Great show fellas. I have several Halloween Playlists myself, and of course I use them every year on House of Franklin-Stein. My favorite honestly probably is Big Bee Kornay’s “House of Frankenstein”. I just love the old school Halloween mood to that, and all the name drops. It’s like an edgier, jazzier version of the Monster Mash, which I also love. Buck Owen’s “A Monster’s Holiday” is fun, as is Lon Chaney Jr.’s similarly titled “Monster Holiday” which details a pre-Nightmare Before Christmas monster takeover of Christmas, and a plot to kidnap Santa Claus. I think Bobby “Boris” Picket did that one first too.

    I can take the “Crypt Jam” any day over that god-awful rap at the end of my beloved Monster Squad. Horrible…and not even in a good way!


    1. I had “House of Frankenstein” on my first draft list, Chris, but I took it off because I kind of consider it YOUR song, as I associate it with the House of Franklin-stein shows. 😉

  3. I never thought that I’d say this, and anyone that knows me well will probably need to sit down after reading this, but I think I’ll have to check out a Marilyn Manson song. The clip you played was great.

    On the flip side, I’m sorry but you just can’t get better than Bing Crosby for any of the song from “The Legend of Sleepy Hallow”, especially “The Headless Horseman”. He’s just too good.

    1. I’ve got a whole oldies playlist (big band, WWII, brat pack, etc) with Bing, Frank, Ella Fitzgerald, Louis Armstrong, Rosemary Clooney, etc. So i’m right there with you on the classics. With so many songs to choose from, we wanted this inaugural episode to be very eclectic and a means to whet the appetites of listeners and leave them wanting more (hopefully we did our jobs). So stay tuned for Volume 2. There’s plenty more to come… Muahahahaha!!!!

  4. A really great show, guys! I really liked how, not only did you make a pick of your favourite Halloween songs, but the you gave the reasons behind them. I like Halloween and Halloween music (as well as even having played Halloween gigs) so it was interesting to hear your reasons for some songs I never thought as Halloween songs before. Well done!
    I tend to enjoy Halloween songs that mention the monsters, no matter if the song feels creepy or not. I enjoyed Chris Franklin’s suggestion of both “Monster Holiday” tunes. It’s probably why I like the whole album of Bobby “Boris” Pickett’s Original Monster Mash. The songs do start to the same after awhile, though.
    A couple of newer ones to me that I started to listen to this season I’d like to share are “Halloween Spooks” by Lambert, Hendricks & Ross, “Spooky Scary Skeletons” by Andrew (“Lonely Boy”!) Gold, “Horror Movie” by Skyhooks and lastly, “Dressed as Goblins” by Nekrogoblin.
    Do you guys find your lists growing over the years? Or do you stick to certain songs and that’s what Halloween always sounds like?
    Keep up the great work!

    1. Thanks for your comment. i LOVE me “Halloween Spooks” by Lambert, Hendricks & Ross. I’m very into the fact that various genres serve various purposes. For example, I’ll listen to the oldies when carving pumpkins with an old black and white Universal Monster movie on in the background, or i’ll play scary instrumental and atmospheric soundtracks or movie scores thru the windows while i’m waiting for trick-or-treaters to come to the house. And as we mentioned, the party playlist is going to be a lot more uptempo, hip hop, techno, or dance while still serving the overall theme. And to answer your question, the list is ALWAYS growing… and always will!

  5. Hey, spooky-music lovers! I encourage to tune in, via the internet, to the radio show “Backwoods” tomorrow (Saturday). The show is “the best in vintage rock and roll, country western, and rhythm and blues, with a little shot (sfx) of the old school gotcha razzamatazz to get your weekend started!” Tomorrow should be the annual “Halloween Spooktacular” and the DJ, John Funke, is top notch. Sound effects, singing along with the records, interrupting promos for other shows, etc. It’s great fun. I don’t expect Neil or Ryan will hear anything new to their ears, but its great fun. If you can’t tune in at 10:00 am EDT on Saturday, the show will be archived for two weeks so you can listen at your leisure.

  6. Great episode, Brothers Daly. Quite how Neil can go from that sublime version of “That Ole Black Magic”, only to immediately blot his copy book with “Get Down Goblin” I simply don’t know! I thought I knew some genuinely bad songs, but “Get Down Goblin” lowers the bar by a long, loooong way!

    Halloween isn’t quite such a big ‘thing’ here in the UK, so my list of Halloween tunes is very meagre. My favourite is “Halloween” by the British singer/songwriter Kirsty MacColl (from the wonderfully titled “Electric Landlady” album: … but it really doesn’t tap into the spooky sound of your Thirteen Dirges Of Doom. For that, I find myself thinking of the Michael Kamen / Orbital soundtrack to the movie ‘Event Horizon’, which I never fail to find completely unsettling.

    I feel I’d be on firmer ground suggesting Christmas songs – do you have a particular theme in mind for your second box of Christmas delights, or are you open to suggestions for any festive tune?

  7. Awesome episode! Ryan, my experience with Thriller was similar to yours, the Werewolf scene scared the crap out of me, but I couldn’t look away because it was so damn awesome! I had the Thriller Special Edition cd that had all of the bonus Thriller tracks with alt recordings and additional narration verses from Vincent Price, I wish they would’ve made a full version of the song and/or extended video that included that additional narration.

    For me, I like the cheesy Halloween party songs, so Monster Mash & Werewolf Bar Mitzvah (from 30 Rock) are about as good as it gets. From a Halloweenish rock standpoint, I like to add Godsmack’s Voodoo & ACDC’s Razor Edge into the mix.

    I’m really looking forward to your Christmas episode. I don’t typically like Country Music (except for older, more Folk type country) but I do absolutely love Christmas Music from Country Music artists. Some of my favorites from childhood are:

    The Oak Ridge Boys – Christmas is Paintin’ the Town
    Vince Gill – Do You Hear What I Hear
    Alan Jackson & Alison Krauss – The Angels Cried
    Alan Jackson & Alvin & the Chipmunks – Santa’s Gonna Come in a Pick-Up Truck
    And the whole Kenny Rogers & Dolly Parton Once Upon a Christmas Album

  8. Australia doesn’t have much of a Halloween tradition and it’s gradual growing popularity is actively resented by some members of the community. This is all just background for my amusement at the intensity Americans have for it.

    My favorite Halloween song (indeed my favorite of all types of songs) is Dead Eyes Opened by Severed Heads as featured in the Blackest Night episode of DCOCD.

    You two get on way too well for siblings.

    1. Martin echoed that sentiment in the latest FW Team-Up, I felt. It really is an American export in its current form.

      But couldn’t we say the same of Christmas?

      1. Christmas is definitely more established and is linked to public holidays and such. We Aussie’s are very happy and comfortable with our Christmas BBQ celebrations in summer.

        Just to clarify, I have no personal problem about the importation of Halloween.

        1. The biggest Halloween tradition I can remember from my childhood in England (before the commercialization kicked in) was apple bobbing… I don’t know if that bizzare fruit based / semi-supervised near-drowning game ever really caught on anywhere else in the world.

  9. I love Season of the Witch. I have no use for the Halloween film with the subtitle (or the Nick Cage movie), but I think very highly of the actual film called Season of the Witch from 1972 (sometimes titled Hungry Wives). It actually uses the song as a needle drop!

  10. A note about Susan Serandon as sex symbol, you also gotta see Tony Scott’s The Hunger if you haven’t. It’s got David Bowie and Catherine Deneuve as sexy vampires, and Deneuve and Serandon have a sex scene together. Another fairly obscure horror film I rate highly.

    1. I did see “The Hunger” my freshman year of college for a seminar class on vampires. I forgot about Sarandon’s performance in that one.

  11. 1. I would never consider myself a Marilyn Manson fan, but I have several of his albums (as gifts) which I do listen to, and I like his attitude sometimes. More than a hits collection, but less than an active listener on full albums. A cherry picker, I guess. Anyway, so many covers, and I’ve only ever tried to watch The Nightmare Before Christmas once (fell asleep,) so this is not my jam.

    2. First stumbled upon “Season of the Witch” in my father’s CD collection, and it’s the other Donovan song I know. Anytime it gets used in a horror thing, I’m like “but why not ‘Fear The Reaper,’ tho’?” There’s basically always another cut I’d replace it with. Just listened to Neil’s recommendation of the Lana Del Rey version and immediately preferred its Bobbie Gentry vibe.

    Without checking, I’m confident Halloween III wasn’t set in Haddonfield.

    3. The last year I trick or treated, definitely too old and purely as an excuse to dress up with nowhere to go, I spent the rest of the night watching a Tales From The Crypt marathon and had to drag my delirious sleep-deprived ass to school afterwards. I went as Grimjack with my short-lived creepy acquaintance that I stopped hanging out with when he came out of the bathroom with his dick out in front of my mom. Weird-o. Anyway, all this is to say I’m surprised I missed “The Crypt Jam,” but will keep on missing it going forward. I myself would take “The Monster Squad Rap” if forced to choose at gunpoint.

    4. Nick Cave has done whole albums of murder ballads, so you could throw a dart at his discography and hit a track that could have substituted on the I Know What You Did Last Summer soundtrack (or was it Scream? Not checking.) “Death Is Not the End” is the one that creeps me out the most, while “Song of Joy” offers the most harrowing narrative. If anything, “Red Right Hand” is too inviting by comprison, especially that groovy organ breakdown. You could almost dance to it.

    5. Yeah, Van Morrison is too mellow for me, too.

    6. Kanye is cancelled. What’s with all the violence against women in that video? Nicki Minaj references a way better Halloween song in her verse. She-Wolf is the moment I dumped Shakira after loving Laundry Service and liking Oral Fixation. I threw poop on her shoes and said “I break with thee” three times.

    7. Rocky Horror always gets a pass from me on any Halloween playlist. Even “Hot Patootie.” Meatloaf gets murdered right after. All are welcome. Unless it’s the Fox live version, which isn’t a thing, shut up. I personally saw the film upon its VHS debut on the 15th anniversary, rented by my father to de-virginize my brother and I. Would not have enjoyed it if I’d broken my cherry live, as I did with Pekita. How can you truly love the film if you can’t watch it as just a film? I adore it.

    Saw The Hunger once in the early days of Netflix. Eh.

    8-9. Haven’t seen the old Sleepy Hollow cartoon in 30+ years. The 40s/50s oldie tracks are fun, but they don’t sell the Halloween like the later novelty songs or the bone chilling tin pan alley numbers that precede them. Adore is an underrated album. Great anecdote!

    10. Is it wrong that “I Put a Spell On You” always makes me think of the church luncheon orgy scene from Elvira: Mistress of the Dark?

    11. “Get Down Goblin” is amusingly awful in a Waitresses vein. I approve of its usage.

    12. Ryan? No. Ryan, no!

    13. “Thriller” is the GOAT. Endlessly entertaining and surprisingly spooky under the right conditions.

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