Batman Knightcast 3: DETECTIVE COMICS #568

Chris Franklin and Ryan Daly review DETECTIVE COMICS #568, a tie-in to the Legends miniseries event from 1986. Also, listener feedback from episodes 1 and 2.

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15 responses to “Batman Knightcast 3: DETECTIVE COMICS #568

  1. So the whole thing about how long an episode and a synopsis in said episode should be piqued my interest.

    1. Writing a synopsis sucks. I’ve done hundreds of them over the years and at this point I try to, as Ryan put it, hit the bullet points and leave the specifics for the overall discussion. I also insert humor but honestly that’s more for me than for the audience. There are only so many ways you can write, “And then Superman hit (fill in the villain name here).” So I feel you on that end.

    2. Episode length. This is a personal thing so your mileage may vary but whenever I hear someone give feedback to a show that includes, “A show should only be (fill in the amount of time here),” what they’re really saying is, “I like shows that are (same amount of time).” There’s nothing wrong with this because as I just wrote mileage will vary but I think trying to shackle a show to a set amount of time never works. There are people that are very good at doing shorter length shows and discussing more books in that amount of time and there are other people that have long commutes or listen while they work and like longer discussions. Podcasts to me are organic. You have to feel out what the hosts are comfortable with and what the audience wants. Believe me if the editor doesn’t want to deal with hours and hours of audio to stitch together they’ll do something about it. I think your past three episodes have been as long as they needed to be.

    Again, your mileage may vary.

  2. Hey thanks for liking my name big fan of dial h still waiting for someone to do a dial h podcast that is untapped potential.

    Good episode abd this story really was kind of dull that’s all I have to say.

    Funny thing about the cover it looks like batman has this face of embarrassment like he’s wondering when Alfred or Robin are going to come abd get him down from getting his cape caught .

  3. I’m a big fan of Klaus Janson’s work, so I remember loving this issue. I think the cover is great, it reminds me of the Julius Schwartz ones from the 60s that placed Batman in a sure-to-be-fatal situation.

    Making this a Legends crossover is a major cheat, but if memory serves that happened a lot. (“Does someone use the word ‘Legend’? Then it’s an official tie-in!”)

    Great episode guys. I liked Chris leading this one in, nice to change things up a bit.

    1. The plan is to alternate who takes the lead every episode. So that means Ryan gets stuck with all of the Max Allan Collins issues. He gets Batman: Year One, but I’m not sure even that’s worth it. I get Barr and Davis!!! 😉


  4. I’m a big fan of Klaus Janson and that cover has always been a favourite. I do like Batman with roadsigns, with another fine example being – well, Ryan will know this one – The Brave and the Bold #91, a sensational Nick Cardy work.

    Denny O’Neil’s editorial attitude always struck me as arrogant – you can go off on your own direction, altering the tone, without dissing the previous guys… I remember at the time hating that he didn’t bother printing letters from the end of Len Wein’s period, heck, people had taken the time to write in, the creators deserved to see feedback. A clean break indeed, as if he had to pretend that all their stories hadn’t happened in order to get attention for his people’s.

    I like the creator spotlights. And I have no problem with your length.

  5. Did you know there were these creators called Grant and Breyfogle who were pretty good? I wouldn’t mind you doing a combined ep for Batman and Tec issues until you get to the good stuff.

  6. Great episode Ryan and Chris. I read this story in the Greatest Batman stories Ever told Vol 2 which featured Penguin and Catwoman, which was released around the time of Batman Returns. Reading it in that volume, and indeed reading it now, apart from the mention that the person in the fat suit was Godfrey, there is no real linkage to this story to Legends. Thinking now, I wonder if it was an inventory story re-purposed to make it link to Legends. Looking at the Legends miniseries itself, maybe it would have been better to have some lead in with Batman’s fight with the Joker in that series in this issue of Detective (although as the Joker will be in the next few issues by Barr and Davis, maybe that wasn’t possible?)

    Loved the spotlight on Denny O’Neill – he was the big constant as I started to read Batman and there is no denying his influence in some of the best Batman comics in the 1980s and 1990s.

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