Batman Family Reunion #11 – Family Portrait Gallery


Till Death Do Us Part!

Hope Robin is OK!

Who is this dude yelling into the mirror?

2 pages of great action by Swan!

That guy trusts the podium!

Blushing Bride!

Hmm.  Babs kinda likes that older man look?  What!?

Man Bat soars!

Francine is waiting up late; but the super hero gig doesn't pay much!

Ah the very sensible explanation of Man-Bat's new power!

Looking dapper, Jim!  Martin loves the logos!

This can't be important for the future, can it?

Looks like Barney Miller is here!

Hmmm.  Does Jim know?

Watch out Diana, don't get crushed by the word balloons!


Missing is right!

Two Face would love this ad!

Ah the movie poster books!

Shade is coming!

Shawn's favorite toy!

And the real-life tkts booth in the 1970s!  I think that is Shawn there under the tree in the glasses...

Long-lost Bat-Cousins meet for the first time at the Baltimore Comic-Con! We had a great time hanging out all afternoon!

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