Batman Family Reunion #2 – Gallery

Episode 2 Gallery - All Reprint Issue - Including the Cover!

Check out the difference in the "new" cover to the "old"


Huh?! Says Robin!  Which way do I go??

"Batman takes a  header into the swamp"



Batgirl & Robin go to work!  Check out that last panel!

Scooped again!!  But Oh No!

Ah !  The Super Friends Limited Collectors Edition!


Vicki testing out Mystery Man!  Plus crowding in the Batmobile!


Moodiness from Carmine Infantino!

Upside Down Clue!  Plus a little exposition from Cluemaster!

Robin needs a new costume!

Zok! Zwaaap! Ouch Batman - That's a little brutal!

Text Page - Before the Internet!

Classic Ads!  Your 2 Favorite Heroes AND the Comics Buyers' Guide!



Batman Family 1961!

And a comic signed by Sheldon Moldoff!  Check out that business card!


One response to “Batman Family Reunion #2 – Gallery

  1. Bat-cousins! I can’t wait ’til I finish listening to comment. I’ll forget things. First, I’m pretty sure everything Babs’ motorcycle rainbow light show does could be accomplished today by LIDAR (light imaging detection and ranging), if she had an unobstructed line of sight to the target. The Wikipedia entry on LIDAR explains it pretty well, but the most impressive part is the Applications section. Of course, BG’s tech is fifty years ahead of its time and would be impossibly small even today, but that’s comics.

    Also, thanks very much for covering the ads. They were entertaining in their own right, and now they’re a slice of history.

    Keep up the good work! I’ll try not to interrupt again until the end.

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