Batman Family Reunion #485 – Gallery

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  1. Hi guys!

    Loved all the info on Kurt Schaffenberger. Tricking the Nazis with secret codes? What a badass! I can just picture KS, slaving away at his drawing board, rendering page after page of Lois pretending to be a mermaid or something to trick Superman into marrying her or something, while daydreaming of the days when he thwarted actual Nazis. Plus, from his self portrait, he was one dapper fellow.

    And Shawn, in answer to your question, yes, the Buck Rogers book was actually treasury sized (we covered it on the show). Being a Gold Key comic, it is dull as dishwater. And it was one of those weird deals where Marvel put their logo on the cover but GK did the interior.

    I was impressed Terry could record a whole podcast, considering how tight he had his cranky pants cinched!

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