Batman Family Reunion – Issue 8 Gallery

Above is the digital version, with terrible cut and paste of the copy; below is the original, love how the Spinner is standing on the UPC!

Great Irv Novick splash page!

Tangled up in the Cat's Cradle!

Robin hitting the streets!

What a cutie!  What surprises could they be??

"Catsup" or "Ketchup"???

Watch out for Selina when she's angry!

Great page - Dancing, Kissing, Mask reveal!  What else do you need?

The villain of the issue! He may not be much, but he sticks to his theme!

Robin taking a "spin"

Batmobile bumping the Sprang Top along to the wharf!

Good thing Batman stopped that fan, or everybody would know what Kathy had for breakfast!

How did Babs get to Congress?  This story will tell you how.

The DC Line of Super-Stars! Yes please!

Next episode, Shawn and Paul will fight over the ruler.

Some great early Batgirl covers.  Which is your favorite?

And straight from Chris Franklin's man cave - the Robin Logo!

One response to “Batman Family Reunion – Issue 8 Gallery

  1. Greetings chums this cousin Bucky saying what a great show and did you know there are some mordern mego style figure of the jokers daughter?
    Any ways my self and cousin Jeremy are glad to be here . We also brought the dogs we have
    1. Reese : half lab half Werner dog
    2. Yuki the yellow lab and Kai the Husky.
    (Loud crash ) and the dogs just knocked over sisco who had a plate full of shags home made boneless demon chicken wings . (Laughing ) never mind the dogs just cleaned him up good thing every one likes dogs. And the just ate the wings and split it three ways Kai is in the franklins laps and Reese is by terraman when did he get here!! And Yuki is on a lounge chair .
    (Splash ) now he and ace are having a race .(sigh )
    Sorry for all the trouble next time we will leave the dogs at home .

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