Batman Family Reunion – Episode #9 Gallery

What a cover by Ernie Chan!

Those Devilish Daughters stick to their themes!

Uh,  Babs, hands off!

Top Notch Irv Novick fight scene!

Do-it-yourself face mask!

Wait, huh? Who?

Alfred to the rescue!

Yikes, see no logo, feel no logo, hear no logo...

Now Carmine Infantino takes a turn at a fight scene.  Wham! Pow! and... GYAHHH!

Hmmm.  Who is this Outsider?  Why will he be important??

Presenting a great 2 page letters page.  Enjoy the debates!

And check out that last letter!

Wish I had PJs like this now!

Shawn needs a 2nd copy so he can tear out the poster!

And 70s icon - Evel Knievel!

Last but not least - from the collection of Dan Greenfield!

3 responses to “Batman Family Reunion – Episode #9 Gallery

  1. Those lady-Joker dolls in the last photo are pretty creepy.
    They look like they’d come alive in the middle of the night and kill you in your sleep.
    But then, I think dolls in general are pretty creepy. Not all, but most.

    For me, the highlights of the BATMAN FAMILY series are the Mike Grell story in the first issue, that established a nice dynamic between the Robin and Batgirl characters (right about the time Grell began his fantastic WARLORD series, in FIRST ISSUE SPECIAL 8, than in its own series). And then the Marshall Rogers, Michaael Golden, Jim Starlin, Howard Chaykin and Don Newton art, in the latter half of the series.
    And what appears to be outstanding inventory work after BATMAN FAMILY was cancelled, that ran in the “BATMAN SPECTACULAR” (DC SPECIAL SERIES 15, with stories by Nasser, Golden, and Rogers).
    And in DETECTIVE COMICS 481 and 482.
    All casualties of the “DC Explosion” that imploded.

  2. Hey old chums cousin Jeremy and I are back agin this
    Time we brought a big batch of Colonel gum’s famous alphabet pasta salad and bat cookies made Alfred’s recipe. And we have the pack plus one as juggy the dog we are watching (golden retriever). Has come with us well I’m going to play horse shoes and Jeremy and the dogs have organized a tug of war with bud and Lou the hyenas and a puffin in a top hat ?!

  3. I got to admit, Duella Dent really has a fascination for me. Every since discovering her existence in a strange conversation bewteen Dick and Bruce. I had to learn more. She is still a strange puzzle to me. A puzzle that has moved in our more modern era. Honestly, she may be my quest for the white buffalo or collection of different copies of “Catcher in the Rye”.


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