Batman Family Reunion Special – Bob Rozakis!

Surprise! A bonus Batman Family Reunion this month as Bat-Cousins Paul and Shawn are joined by the Answer Man himself, Bob Rozakis!  The creator of The Joker’s Daughter, Titans West and ‘Mazing Man stops by the picnic table to talk about his career and writing The Batman Family!

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And thanks, Bob!

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10 responses to “Batman Family Reunion Special – Bob Rozakis!

  1. Thanks for a terrific surprise, you know what a fan I am of Bob Rozakis, Elmont, NY. It’s great to hear him talk about his beginnings and career. I remember being unfeasibly excited to see Bob’s byline appearing on the non-letter pages, and seeing his first stories. What I always enjoyed about Bob’s work was that he’d bring back characters from limbo, like Betty and Kathy, but also create such new folk as Quakemaster and Flamesplasher (he had the BEST hat). I wanted Bob on the JLA book too. And of course, Bob created ‘Mazing Man… it’s a shame that superb series didn’t come up in the conversation.

    Bob was one of us, the fan who got to write his heroes. I’m glad you asked about his Production Department work; from reading Dick Giordano’s Meanwhile pages and the like it sounds like Bob was at the forefront of many an innovation. And I was ‘there’ when Bob got married, when he became a dad…

    And of course, as I’ve mentioned a boring amount of times, he answered a couple of my queries in the Answer Man column, re: Rich Buckler drawing himself on covers and the fibbing subtitle of Ghosts. Thank you, Bob.

    I became a regular letterhack on this side of the pond and, like Bob, got an in in the world of publishing due to the editor knowing my name from the lettercols. He’d showed it could be done! It’s such a shame the letter columns have gone.

  2. Great interview fellas! Bob is a natural. He should have his own podcast! I’d love to listen to all his anecdotes on his life from comic fan to comic pro, on a regular basis. I had the pleasure of interviewing Mr. Rozakis over email for Back Issue, but hearing him in his own voice was a real treat!

    And now I know Martha’s Kent’s mother’s family name was Hudson! The Answer Man still dropping knowledge on us!

  3. Wow! Bob Rozakis! Even when I was a just a kid and he was a grown-up, he really was the comics creator who felt like one of us fans. And it was all true!

    I read a story years ago about Bob running down and tackling a purse snatcher when he was doing the parking lot job. Next time you have him on (and please, let there be a next time), please ask him for his account of that. Oh, and more info on the hundred other things he did in comics and since then, please.

    This was just great. Thank you so much for doing this, and thanks to Bat-cousin Martin for suggesting it (if my memory is correct). You are helping us all fulfill the mission of this network.

  4. What an excellent interview, Bat-fans! I loved hearing the experiences of Bob Rozakis, the Answer Man, himself and his experiences of working on Batman Family. I really enjoyed reading his Answer Man column and reading the answers to all those great obscure questions. It was interesting to hear how he decided to put the names to the questions. In a way, it feels like he was building a pre-internet chat community!

    Comicmobiles sound like an amazing thing that I wished still existed. Bringing comics to the public would be an amazing job, but it was funny to hear how Bob was not allowed to park in front of all the places he wanted to.

    This was tons of fun to listen to, and you guys were fantastic! Keep up the great work!

  5. Great interview. It was Mr. Rozackis’ work on the Dial H strip that made me a die-hard fan of it, and was nice to hear that he was very entertaining in audio format too.

  6. Very much enjoyed the interview, especially since Rozakis is one of the comics creators of yore who rarely gets booked on the various comics podcasts. I really enjoyed listening about his experiences when he was with DC.

    Otherwise, wasn’t it Jim Shooter who said that every comic book is someone’s first? It seems like that phrase is usually attributed to him…

    1. Hi Edo. Thanks for listening. I will respond on air but I had always heard it was either Julie Schwartz or Mort Weisinger. Shooter did get his start for Weisinger on LSH of course. But it’s probably something any number of people could have come up with so not sure it really matters. Point is it used to be that way and modern comics make that difficult. But thanks!


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