Batman Family Reunion #15 – Gallery

Would love to hang out in their hangout!

Aw no, not another bike!

You give it to him, Babs!

Robin vs Killer Moth?  Or is it someone else....

The mechanics of a batarang!

That is one big nest!

The art and sound effects in these next few pages - wow.

Yikes! What a cliffhanger!  Who is the target?!?!

They are cuckoo for liking Fruit Pies!

The 1970s were a different time.

Because kids LOVE getting memos!

Paul's application - never sent in (boo hoo) maybe because I was ashamed of getting two wrong on the quiz!

The JLGL (PBHN) Poster!

Courtesy of the Aquaman Shrine!

Movie Star!

Readers debate our guest Craig Boldman's suggestions about Robin!

And - a real life bat!

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