Batman Family Reunion Special – Paul Levitz!

A special episode with the Co-Creator of the Huntress!  That’s right, Paul Levitz drops by the Reunion! Enjoy snacking on the Dunkin’ Donuts as we talk about his career, the evolution of the Huntress character, and a lot of other tasty morsels along the way.

Many thanks to Dan Greenfield of for helping us arrange this interview.

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9 responses to “Batman Family Reunion Special – Paul Levitz!

  1. Paul –
    You did such a fantastic job with Paul Levitz.
    As soon as I heard him say he brought Dunkin Donuts, I knew it was gonna be great!
    I had NO idea about the backstory of Theodore Roosevelt! THAT was incredibly interesting to me!
    Thanks for bring up my favorite story! I loved hearing him talk about it!
    And of course, hearing the creator of Huntress talk about her was so great. I could really hear the pride in his voice!

  2. Paul and Paul, thank you for having this conversation. I really enjoyed it and how you touched upon quite a few areas I would have asked Paul Levitz about myself. Like my Bat-cousins, this issue of DC Super-Stars was a favorite of the time. It was a exciting to be at the ground floor with the debut of a new character like the Huntress. I loved her look and her ties to the Earth-2 Batman. She had so much potential that was tapped quite a bit for the years that followed.

  3. Paul was wonder full guest and it was a great episode. Oh ! And cousin Jeremy and I brought avengers shaped cookies we couldn’t find any huntress cookie cutters .
    Jericho’s and Mario are here as well they are ones dressed as hawk eye and Ragman . Running the slushy machine . Don’t ask I don’t know where
    They got from either they get blue raspberry and lime . Also the cups muppet treasure island cups .

  4. Well, this episode was a great surprise in the feed!

    Mr. Levitz, it was great hearing from you and thanks for all of your work over the years. Your tenure with the JSA and with the Legion in the 70s and 80s remain some of my favorite stories.

    Unlike Shawn, I’m familiar with Theodore Roosevelt’s history, but less so with his father’s. The analogy between the Roosevelts and Thomas and Bruce Wayne is a great one. No doubt TR, who lived the “strenuous life” and went on to give a speech after being shot, would approve of being compared to the Dark Knight. Now, does that analogy extend to daughters Alice Roosevelt and Helena Wayne? Maybe the rebelliousness, not so much all facets of Alice’s life.

  5. Excellent – very interesting to hear the combo of the business and the art-sides of comics from one person who knows them both!

  6. Wow, what a great interview! Fantastic work Paul K. Mr. Levitz is incredibly humble about his place in comics history, and for me, that goes a long way. It was great to hear him talk about the creation of the Huntress and his time on the JSA and her solo strip. I’m a huge fan of both, and the primary reason is Levitz’s writing. I liked this take on the Helena/Dick relationship too. It’s easy for us to forget that relationships like that DID happen. I actually feel a lot better about those somewhat awkward pages now!

    Again, top notch episode!!!

  7. Impressive podcast most impressive. Ah cool y’all got Paul on the Podcast. I’ve been a fan of his for years. He created a great character in Huntresses. And wrote some cool comics in his day. And did a great job running DC back in the day. And definitely took care of creaters when he was there. Sorry if this is hard to read on my phone. My computer screen keeps shutting down. Something it works.

    Others it crashes. And I got to many bills and other things I need to get first. Moving on. Paul’s 2 runs on LSH were pretty cool. Sadly he didn’t make Comet Queen as the team leader, but that was one of the few mistakes.. Was very cool hearing how he got started in comics and how Huntresses was started. Can’t wait to hear the next podcast.

  8. Terrific episode. You ran a great interview, Paul K. I always thought it was great that Paul Levitz proved you could a great creator AND run the company well — and most of all, be decent to your fellow humans. Plus, he always comes across as grateful for the opportunities he’s received. That’s 100% win, front to back and left to right.

    Great Darkness Saga rules!

  9. Amazing episode and great discussion! Would love to chat with Mr. Levitz, although it would be all about the Legion!

    As a Huntress fan, great to hear his thoughts on design and decisions back then!

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