Cheers Cast 1.17: Diane’s Perfect Date

CHEERS Season 1, episode 17: "Diane's Perfect Date"

Hosted by Ryan Daly with special guest Mike Gillis from Radio vs. the Martians.

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9 responses to “Cheers Cast 1.17: Diane’s Perfect Date

  1. The bit with Diane’s date is one of my favorite runs on the show. The actors had to be perfect in their lines, not add an extra word, otherwise the pre-written count would be off. Of course, most viewers were not paying attention that closely, but I bet the writers took it as a point of pride to make sure Walter was giving the exact right count back.

    I love that the show brought Andy Andy back in the last season. He comes in looking for Diane, he’s told she no longer works there, and he leaves peacefully. A murderer walking the streets of Boston!

    Always happy to hear Mike on this, or any, show.

  2. This episode was so “fun fun”! It’s certainly a challenge to pick the employee-of-the-week. The whole cast was spot on in all moments. I know I have a soft spot for Dianne, but her look of horror from Andy Andy’s “I killed a waitress there” sells the moment perfectly. Sam was fantastic throughout, too many moments to name. Carla’s amusement is wonderfully cynical, but also gives us the audience permission to laugh at the situation. The rest of the regulars were solid. Gretchen was SO GOOD, I likewise wanted her back, although I don’t really think a romance with Sam would have lasted. Even the writers deserve extra praise for this gem of an episode. But Andy Andy. He charmingly walked into each scene, and completely turned everything we assumed about him 180 degrees sideways, and it was fantastic!

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