Cheers Cast 2.14: No Help Wanted

CHEERS Season 2, episode 14: "No Help Wanted"

Hosted by Ryan Daly with special guest Ashford Wright from Wright On Network.

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6 responses to “Cheers Cast 2.14: No Help Wanted

  1. Since this show was most likely written by a freelancer (Tash never wrote another episode), it makes sense for them to focus on a side character, since they could be self-contained. A “Done in One Wonder” if you will.

    I do not agree with Ashford that Sam is Republican. That would make me really think less of Sam, so I simply reject that idea. Cliff? Yes. Sam? No.

    1. To me, the line “I’m conservative when it comes to money” is a statement limited to the specific case — money. I would say it (D)oesn’t (N)ecessarily (A)pply to the general case, so we have no indicator from that one line of dialogue what Sam thinks of either political party.

      I liked how the writer took a chance with the use of “buss” meaning “kiss”, so Carla could pun on it. Of course Shelley Long conveys what the word means just fine, and with “buss” appearing in Shakespeare, it’s believable. Still, I’m sure audiences couldn’t have all known that there was even a pun there.

  2. Hi Ryan, I’m writing in response to both this episode and you feedback episode. I comment very infrequently on Cheers Cast because I feel that I haven’t watched the show enough to offer my opinions. Nevertheless, I greatly enjoy listening to this podcast, and I think you have made me laugh out loud every single time. Sometimes it’s the clip you play, and sometimes it’s a quip that you quote, but the writing is so good that even without the magnificent delivery of Nicholas Colasanto or George Wendt, the joke lands perfectly.
    Regarding your exchanges with Ashford: 1. “Boner” means (meant) bone-headed mistake. See Fred Merkle, or Batman #66. 2. Sam is certainly conservative with his finances. He’s a business owner. (And understaffed, as often discussed here.) But a Massachusetts conservative is/was different than elsewhere in these United States. Senator Edward Brooke had only been out of office about three years when this aired.

  3. This episode had a lot of heart. When Norm goes to confront Sam in his office, I honestly don’t remember what I was expecting to see happen when I first saw this one. Of course, it wasn’t actually going to be a real fight. Now I know it’s going to be a complete reversal for Norm, so that takes the edge off the setup. But George and Ted did a fantastic job selling the build-up, and it pays off so well. Sam telling a blubbering Norm “You’re my accountant.” No big speech, just flat out. Still love that moment.

    Ok. Matchbooks. I’ve thought about that way too much. It must be in the vein of businesses that hand out pens with their info. It’s something useful, so people are less apt to throw it away which can happen to a business card. And maybe matchbooks were a cheaper option than pens, which would explain how Norm could afford to get them made. I think today the equivalent would be cheap USB drives with business info printed on them, with really low disk space like 16 MB. Again, kinda useful so not thrown out, but not *that* useful.

    From this accountant gig, would Norm get much cash from Sam after paying back his tab? I think no. Unless… his tab was figured as a loss on Cheers finances, and that’s why the refund was so huge! It all comes together! (Yeah, I’m not an accountant.)

    Fun show, my friends!

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