Cheers Cast 3.18: Bar Bet

CHEERS Season 3, episode 18: “Bar Bet”

Hosted by Ryan Daly with special guest Ashford Wright from Wright On Network.

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5 responses to “Cheers Cast 3.18: Bar Bet

  1. Michael Richards pre-Kramer being super-slimy and dressed like he’s in Sha Na Na. What’s not to love?

    One bit of staging that Cheers hardly ever does is in this episode. When Sam says that he doesn’t want to admit in court about his drinking relapse, he sits down behind the bar. We’ve seen them use a step stool behind the bar, so that must be what he’s sitting on, and they don’t make a big deal about that. But this is the first time I can recall using that as a seat. It adds a little poignancy to the scene, only seeing Sam’s head and shoulders, making him look small and a little scared. It’s probably also to hide Shelley’s baby bump. But it’s an interesting touch. Also, it gave me a chance to write “poignancy”.

    Oh, and I love Ashford’s theory on “Dianne Trolling.” Hilarious!

  2. Jacqueline Bisset was on Charlie’s Angels?

    I love this episode, because, as Ashford points out, it hints at a real darkness when talking about Sam’s drinking. Michael Richards brings a real slimy menace to his role, it’s too bad Harry the Hat left town by this point, it would have been great to see the bar sic Harry on this guy.

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