Cheers Cast 3.21: The Executive’s Executioner

CHEERS Season 3, episode 21: “The Executive's Executioner”

Hosted by Ryan Daly with special guest David Ace Gutiérrez.

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6 responses to “Cheers Cast 3.21: The Executive’s Executioner

  1. Norm’s “I can’t be bought and I can’t be threatened. Put the two together, though, and I’m your man” is probably my second favorite line/moment of the entire series. (Right after Frasier’s “Gee, I’ll try.”)

  2. George knocks this performance out of the park! From beginning to end, he has so much to do in this episode it’s just a delight. His final phone call is fantastic, “This is NORM PETERSON! MWUH-HUH-HUHUHUH!” Speaking as someone who’s performed an evil laugh or two, that was excellent! Also showing, Norm should never have power over other people.

    So when Norm takes the young accountant to a baseball game and movies and the other things, did that come out of his own pocket, or was he able to file for reimbursement as a business expense? Probably not a great way to save the company money. BUT! A perfect strategy for an accountant.

    Loved the podcast, guys! DAG picked a great episode!

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