Cheers Cast 3.22: Cheerio, Cheers

CHEERS Season 3, episode 22: “Cheerio, Cheers”

Hosted by Ryan Daly with special guest John Trumbull from SNL Nerds Podcast.

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4 responses to “Cheers Cast 3.22: Cheerio, Cheers

  1. Sad that this is Coach’s last real episode, but he had some really sweet and funny moments in this one.

    Coach’s goodbye to Diane, where he thanked her for coming back, was heartfelt and a nice button to the season by referring back to the season opener where he asked her to come back to help Sam. It’s also poignant because Coach was Diane’s only real friend at the bar, as Shelly Long said in the 200th episode retrospective. From what I’ve read this was also true to some extent of the actors.

    On a comedic level, I love how Coach laughs at his own joke about Oscar Meyer. He seems so sincere in his laughter. And his confusing “Job” with “job” was classic too. All in all this is a very memorable episode.

  2. Ah Coach. Good night, sweet prince. You left the world better than you found it.

    OMG, the final scenes with Sam and Diane were amazing. You guys covered everything I love about them, so I won’t rehash that. Well done, Ryan and John.

    Now Frasier. What does it say about him as a character that he feels comfortable saying out loud to Sam, “She doesn’t want to go with me, she wants to stay with you.” One: Sam is possibly his best friend at this moment. Two: he recognizes Diane’s feelings on such a level, he’s not afraid to voice it. And voicing it to the potential rival “makes it real” and there’s no taking it back. I’m probably overthinking it, but wow. That scene is excellent.

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