Cheers Cast 3.25: Rescue Me

CHEERS Season 3, episode 25: “Rescue Me”

Hosted by Ryan Daly with special guests Jonathan and Maggie Schaefer-Hames from the Married Watching Cartoons Podcast.

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3 responses to “Cheers Cast 3.25: Rescue Me

  1. Every time you mention Norm’s Beer Tab in increments of 100 I think of the Bob & Doug McKenzie skit where they explain the metric system, including the idea that there are 10 beers in the metric six-pack. You can get beer in the traditional housewarming present of a six-pack (well, a five-pack), or twelve, or 24 in a case. 96 is a respectable four cases, and I can’t help thinking Norm would have that in mind, and be aiming below it, as in he hasn’t drank four cases over the course of a season.

  2. I *love* the show opener in this episode. Partly, of course, because it’s the last we see of Coach, but also because it’s Classic Coach (“HOW DID HE FIND THE DOOR?!?”) but also the final moment, which ends on a slightly wistful moment of Coach-ian wisdom. The viewers didn’t know it, but the producers allowed the character and the actor go out on a grace note instead of a hard laugh.

    Speaking of hard laughs, yes, the waiter’s “Luigi” run is one of Cheer’s best running gags, delivered with perfection by Martin Fererro. MF also shows up on MASH in its last season, BTW, and I know him most from the hotel clerk in Planes Trains and Automobiles who trades a room for Steve Martin’s watch. Always a welcome face in any movie or TV show.

    Congrats on wrapping up Season 3!

  3. Having watched Cheers since its first run, I remember liking Coach and being upset when he left, but it didn’t hit me the way it does now. (What did I know back then? I was just a snot-nosed kid.) Watching with adult eyes and sensibilities, I have found my appreciation for Nick Colasanto as an actor has grown considerably. I remember how much I enjoyed Woody for the rest of the series, but I will always miss Ernie ‘Coach’ Pantusso.

    As for Martin Fererro, the role I remember him best for is Luigi Finucci from the movie Oscar. He and Harry Shearer played the tremendously funny Finucci Brothers. (The whole movie is hilarious despite its unfairly earned reputation. But that’s a discussion for another forum.)

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