Cheers Cast 4.09: From Beer to Eternity

CHEERS Season 4, episode 9: “From Beer to Eternity”

Hosted by Ryan Daly with special guest Mike Gillis from Radio Vs. The Martians.

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9 responses to “Cheers Cast 4.09: From Beer to Eternity

  1. Maggie: I can’t believe she’s agreeing to be put up as a prize like that.

    Jon: She’s been watching them bowl all night and knows she can destroy the entire team on her own. It’d be like if you saw a guy playing a Magic Deck with nothing but plague rats in it and you had that Knights deck everybody hates. You’d bet anything just so you could mop the floor with him.

    Maggie: You’re right. I do do that.

  2. There was a Sports Illustrated article which covered Malone as if he were a real player and lists Sam’s lifetime stats as:

    Sam Malone (1972 to 1978) 16-30 in 207 G (1 GS) with a 4.01 ERA in 312 2/3 IP with 109 BB and 40 SO.16-30 in 207 G (1 GS) with a 4.01 ERA in 312 2/3 IP with 109 BB and 40 SO

    From this near gibberish, we can figure out that he was a good but not great relief pitcher. Relievers’ ERAs tend to be inflated because they play less innings at a time.

    What’s also interesting is that Sam would have been pitching for the Sox during their appearance in the 1975 World Series. As far as I know, Sam doesn’t mention this fact, but assuming the series went the same way in the Tommy verse as the real one, it wouldn’t be a memory he’d probably want to revisit.

    1. In the season 2 episode “They Called Me Mayday” Sam tells Dick Cavett there are some things he doesn’t remember because of his drinking, including the entire 1975 season when they won the pennant.

  3. Did anyone else think that Diane was being set up for betraying Cheers when Gary gives his academic credits? It surprised me that she immediately put him down without batting an eye.

  4. Honestly, this is one of my favorite Diane episodes. Most of the time, she comes across so haughty and full of herself and shown not as smart as she thinks she is. But here, she saves the day because she has a skill that she *won’t* brag about. That reversal makes it extra sweet for her victory over Gary.

    Wait! Diane comes in near the end of the game to help the team win. She’s a relief bowler. She’s taken Sam’s position! Ok, now I love it more.

    1. Oh, little addendum. It’s nitpicky, but hey, that’s why we’re here. Diane’s PE credits for bowling didn’t actually bother me because of the rules my college followed. While the PE classes had the same 3 hour per week requirement as a 3 credit class, they were only worth 1 credit. We were required to complete 1 PE class per semester for at least 4 semesters, so that gave me only 4 PE credits over 4 semesters, or 2 years. So for Diane’s undergraduate college, they had the slightly longer 6 semester requirement, but if it was also just 1 credit per class, she earned a mere 6 credits in bowling.

      Now the thing is, my school wouldn’t let you repeat a passing PE class during your career, so I couldn’t take Golfing I 4 times. But I could take both Badminton I and Badminton II for a total of 2 credits. (Yes, these are all real examples for me, including Bowling I. It was great taking things I wanted to try.) So either the rules were different and Diane was allowed to take Bowling 6 times, or the college offered 6 distinct levels of Bowling! Either way, I’d be willing to bet Diane and other students abused this system too much and the rules were promptly changed after she graduated.

      And while I never felt comfortable reading at the bowling alley, I do agree that having bowling on the TV during a lazy Sunday afternoon makes for great comic reading.

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