Cheers Cast 4.20: Save the Last Dance for Me

CHEERS Season 4, episode 20: “Save the Last Dance for Me”

Hosted by Ryan Daly with special guests Ashford Wright from the Wright On Podcast Network and Rick Heinichen from Jeff and Rick Presents.

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3 responses to “Cheers Cast 4.20: Save the Last Dance for Me

  1. Gosh, I feel like I was part of the show! 🙂

    Between the 3 of you, this episode was covered amply. So my only thought is the name “Eddie Csznyk”. (That’s the spelling I found on Google, and I guess this character actually came from the 5th dimension.) Another “Eddie” crossing paths with Carla, like “Big Eddie” from the Tortelli Tort. Is this just because Eddie is a simple general-purpose name different from any of the regular characters? Or the writers like how Rhea says it? Or are they evoking some other TV character like Eddie Haskell? Beats me, but knowing Carla’s future, I can’t help but notice that name when it pops up. And thank you for that background info on the stuntman playing Eddie here. That was pretty cool for the show to let him have those lines. That gets an Eddie thumbs up.

    Great job, Ashford, Rick, and Tim!

    1. Oh wait! I forgot something. During the dance, when Nick blows on Carla’s neck and she melts, I could swear that’s a callback to season 3 episode 9, An American Family, when Carla describes Nick’s “power over women”, this being one of his techniques. It even worked on Diane for the button on the episode. Maybe that even extends to Nick’s dancing. It has nigh supernatural effect on people. Thankfully, we’re protected by watching it on TV. (I think…)

  2. You bagged on Carla and Nick’s dancing, but I was actually impressed, at least in Rhea’s ability. They worked hard on that, or perhaps it betrays a bit of a dance background (whether musical theater or what).

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